Advancing the Space Frontier

An emerging space economy is here. As teams around the globe race to innovate and explore, what are the implications for the human race? 
Space architects are building a home to live on the moon
The space architects of Saga have developed a habitat for people on the moon. Now they want to put it to the test in the endless arctic sun of Greenland.
Space bacteria could help astronauts grow plants on Mars
A brand new species of bacteria has been discovered on the International Space Station — and it could one day help astronauts grow plants on Mars.
The most anticipated space missions of 2021
The list of 2021’s most exciting space missions includes several Mars orbiters, a couple of moon shots, and the launch of an asteroid-deflecting spacecraft.
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The golden box that could create oxygen on Mars
MOXIE, an instrument designed to create oxygen on Mars from carbon dioxide, is now ready for testing on the Red Planet.
Fusion-powered spaceships could take us into deep space
Fusion could make frequent trips into deep space possible.
NASA's next-gen spacesuit
NASA is developing a next-generation spacesuit called the xEMU for upcoming missions to the moon and, eventually, crewed trips to Mars.
NASA’s plans for space tourism are becoming a reality
NASA’s space tourism plans, which include hosting private citizens on the International Space Station, are starting to come to fruition.
New route makes a journey to the moon faster, cheaper
To make a journey to the moon faster, the NASA scientists behind an upcoming moon mission designed a brand new route for their spacecraft to take.
What a simulated Mars mission can teach you about life
After a simulated Mars mission, researchers come home with lessons we can all live by.
This spider-like moon rover will explore lunar lava tubes
A spider-like moon rover heading to the lunar surface in 2021 is designed to explore the underground lava tubes in which astronauts might one day live.
The construction robots building space colonies
Sending construction robots into outer space will help pave the way for human exploration, but there are some real challenges that lie ahead.
Bacteria could make space mining 400% more efficient
Using a bioreactor packed with bacteria could make space mining more efficient by speeding up the extraction of elements from rock.
Scientists measure mars' core — and it is shockingly big!
For the first time, scientists have measured Mars’ core — and found it is much bigger than expected.
Making it on the Moon
Preparing for Mars
How NASA’s space food lab will feed the farthest journey in history 5:53
These food scientists are making it possible for us to explore space in ways we haven’t yet as a species.
Preparing for the first human mission to Mars
Mars is going to be bombarded with visitors from planet Earth — the U.S., China, and UAE are all launching unmanned spacecraft to the red planet this month.
Building infrastructure on Mars is tricky — these bugs could help
Landing on Mars is just the beginning — to live there, we’ll need to invent Martian concrete.
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