Advancing the Space Frontier

An emerging space economy is here. As teams around the globe race to innovate and explore, what are the implications for the human race? 
Startup will send prized artifacts to the International Space Station 
Uplift Aerospace will transport valuable goods to the ISS and house them in their Constellation Vault starting this year.
evidence of water on the moon
Chinese lander finds first onsite evidence of water on the moon 
The first onsite evidence of water on the moon suggests that subterranean lunar rock contains larger stores than can be found on the surface.
Here's what happens to the human body in outer space
As the idea of colonizing space becomes mainstream, it’s important to keep in mind that traveling in outer space…
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Space Telescope
The Hubble Space Telescope is dying. Here’s what’s next.
With Hubble living on borrowed time, NASA and its partners prepare to launch the satellite’s successor: the James Webb Space Telescope.
Moon glass helps solve a lunar mystery
Analyzing moon samples from the 1980s with a new laser technique shows we were wrong about the moon’s magnetic field.
underground water on mars
New evidence discovered of underground water on Mars
Either underground water on Mars is far more prevalent than previously thought or something we can explain is going on beneath the Red Planet’s surface.
space rover
MIT is testing a levitating space rover
MIT engineers have designed a levitating space rover that could allow us to explore parts of the moon that are too rough for rolling rovers.
2022 space missions
The most anticipated space missions of 2022 
2022 will be a big year for space missions, with huge rocket launches, several rover rollouts, and a first-of-its-kind asteroid collision.
Making it on the Moon
Preparing for Mars
How NASA’s space food lab will feed the farthest journey in history5:53
These food scientists are making it possible for us to explore space in ways we haven’t yet as a species.
Human Mission to Mars
Preparing for the first human mission to Mars
Mars is going to be bombarded with visitors from planet Earth — the U.S., China, and UAE are all launching unmanned spacecraft to the red planet this month.
Building infrastructure on Mars is tricky — these bugs could help
Landing on Mars is just the beginning — to live there, we’ll need to invent Martian concrete.
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The Moon has enough oxygen to sustain 8 billion people for 100,000 years 
space debris
Russian satellite strike creates huge cloud of space debris
samples from mars
Perseverance is collecting more rock samples from Mars
satellite launches
The future of space launches: a giant spinning arm in a vacuum 
Forget Mars, let's terraform the moon
small satellites
New thruster tech that vaporizes metal could help clean up space
asteroid impacts
“Pulverize It”: The plan to slice and dice space rocks
asteroid heading to earth
Nuking an asteroid heading to Earth really could protect us
Shatner Blue Origin
William Shatner has boldly gone to space with Blue Origin
moon dust
Spacecraft tech turns moon dust into “near-instant” landing pads