Advancing the Space Frontier

An emerging space economy is here. As teams around the globe race to innovate and explore, what are the implications for the human race? 
Astronaut to break NASA’s record for longest time in space
Astronaut Mark Vande Hei is poised to set a new NASA record for longest time in space, spending about 353 days aboard the ISS.
Mystery of Chinese supernova solved after 800 years
A new study explains where the mysterious “Chinese supernova” went after disappearing from the night sky more than 800 years ago.
What alien life could teach us about humanity 5:46
As we continue to search for extraterrestrial life, we need to get creative by redefining the unique attributes of life itself.
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Our future as a species depends on a sustainable revolution. How can we transform our cities and lives to protect planet earth?

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Astronomers catch “ghosts” dancing around radio galaxies
Astronomers with the EMU Project have released a spooky image of “dancing ghosts” emanating from a pair of distant radio galaxies.
Twin Mars satellites have greenlight for launch
Two tiny Mars satellites will head to the Red Planet in 2024 as part of a NASA program testing smaller spacecraft on planetary missions.
Moon glass helps solve a lunar mystery
Analyzing moon samples from the 1980s with a new laser technique shows we were wrong about the moon’s magnetic field.
Astronomers discover solar system’s fastest-orbiting asteroid
Astronomers have discovered an asteroid that orbits the sun in just 113 days, making it the fastest-orbiting asteroid in our solar system.
NASA pays space startup $.10 for moon mining mission
NASA paid Colorado startup Lunar Outpost $.10 as part of a moon mining contract that could help advance human space exploration.
VR spacewalk will let you see what ISS astronauts see
A VR spacewalk filmed by an “outer space camera” will be the centerpiece of the next episode of Space Explorers: The ISS Experience.
Can we (legally) colonize space?
The space race is heating up, but many legal issues are still open to debate.
Mars colonies could be built from astronauts’ blood and urine
To minimize the cost of building Mars colonies, astronauts could make concrete using space dust and their own bodily fluids.
All-civilian Inspiration4 mission is ready for launch (Updated)
When Inspiration4 launches on September 15, it’ll mark a new era in space tourism as the first all-civilian mission to space.
Perseverance rover collects first Mars rock sample — for real
NASA’s Perseverance rover has collected its first Mars rock sample, which the agency plans to send to Earth in 2031.
Making it on the Moon
Preparing for Mars
How NASA’s space food lab will feed the farthest journey in history 5:53
These food scientists are making it possible for us to explore space in ways we haven’t yet as a species.
Preparing for the first human mission to Mars
Mars is going to be bombarded with visitors from planet Earth — the U.S., China, and UAE are all launching unmanned spacecraft to the red planet this month.
Building infrastructure on Mars is tricky — these bugs could help
Landing on Mars is just the beginning — to live there, we’ll need to invent Martian concrete.
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