Coexisting With AI

AI is shaping society and will continue to do so in ways we can’t yet imagine. How do we leverage this technology to better humanity and not harm it? 
personal robot
New personal robot carries stuff around your house 
A personal robot that carries items between different parts of a home is helping people with mobility issues live more independently.
delivery robots
Delivery robots get airbags to protect you in case of collision
Autonomous vehicle maker Nuro has added external airbags to its autonomous delivery robots to protect pedestrians.
AI Avatars
AI avatars bring deepfakes to the business world
A financial consulting firm has created AI avatars of its staff that can be used to quickly create deepfakes for presentations and more.
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Your data is everywhere. As surveillance technology gets smarter, how can we find a balance between safety and privacy?

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virtual world
We can now explore Meta’s first virtual world
Meta (formerly Facebook) has opened up access to Horizon Worlds, its virtual world for the metaverse, to all adults in the U.S. and Canada.
alternatives to 911
This app offers alternatives to 911 in all 50 states
There are instances when 911 may not be the best number to call. Subdial, a free app, offers local and national alternatives to 911.
AI can find endangered elephants from space
A breakthrough technology uses artificial intelligence to track large animals from space, even in complex terrain.
AI dubbing
AI dubbing can make actors appear to speak any language
A new AI dubbing tech called TrueSync matches actors’ mouths with recorded dialogue to make watching a movie in an unknown language feel less jarring.
food insecure seniors
Autonomous Ford delivers produce, milk to food insecure seniors 
An autonomous shuttle developed by Ford delivers fresh produce and milk to food insecure seniors in Detroit as part of a new pilot program.
Series | Uprising

Nick Bostrom on superintelligence and the future of AI

Superintelligent AI has the potential to pose an existential risk to humanity. Are we ready?

Superintelligence and the future of AI
Series | Uprising

Nick Bostrom on superintelligence and the future of AI

Superintelligence and the future of AI
AI for Health
Saving lives with AI4:50
Artificial intelligence can find hidden patterns in patient’s vital signs – and stop emergencies before they happen.
Depression Treatment
Can AI predict which depression treatment is most effective?
Artificial intelligence-powered algorithms that analyze brain scans are showing promise in helping doctors find an effective depression treatment on the first try.
cancer diagnosis from urine
AI makes nearly 100% accurate cancer diagnosis from urine
A new AI-based technique can make a nearly 100% accurate prostate cancer diagnosis from a urine sample, potentially saving patients from unneeded biopsies.
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AI art
AI creates realistic pictures from pure text
text to code
AI can translate normal written text to code
accent translator
Startup breaks through “accent barrier” with real-time translator
Immersive technology will revolutionize our daily life
wearable robot
Wearable robot helps people with paralysis sing
speech impairments
Speech impairments aren’t a problem for Google’s new voice app
drug discovery
DeepMind’s AI lights path to faster drug development
autonomous race cars
Autonomous race cars compete for $1 million prize
These hologram machines bring us a step closer to our sci-fi dreams
supply chains
Can digital twins solve our supply chain problems?