Coexisting With AI

AI is shaping society and will continue to do so in ways we can’t yet imagine. How do we leverage this technology to better humanity and not harm it? 
Series | Uprising
Nick Bostrom on superintelligence and the future of AI 5:29
Beyond the brains of even the most intelligent human beings lies artificial superintelligence, which could pose serious threats to the human race. Nick Bostrom is attempting to fathom the unfathomable so we can be ready.
Building an artificially intelligent, open-source prosthetic leg
We’ve come a long way since the first prosthetic leg, and “smart” limbs, equipped with computing capabilities and…
AI helps scientists discover powerful new antibiotic
Using a computer model powered by artificial intelligence, researchers at MIT have identified several promising candidates for powerful new antibiotics.
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Your data is everywhere. As  surveillance technology gets smarter, how can we find a balance between safety and privacy?

Most Popular
IBM’s AI debater could help you make better decisions
IBM’s Project Debater is trained to quickly craft well-researched arguments — and the AI debater could one day improve your decision making.
Can an algorithm catch a serial killer? 5:31
A self-professed data nerd, Thomas Hargrove believes everything around us is following a mathematical formula…including murder.
High-tech art exhibit looks at life through the eyes of AI
In this Chicago museum, artists explore some of the most polarizing forms of imagery at the moment: surveillance and facial recognition.
MIT’s new AI can make holograms in real-time
MIT trained an AI to generate photorealistic holograms in milliseconds using just the processing power of a smartphone.
The most impressive language generator yet
OpenAI’s GPT-3 is currently the talk of Twitter. The powerful language generator is writing everything from sci-fi to code.
Can an algorithm predict the next disease outbreak?
Researchers are using this algorithm to predict which regions are likely to see a zoonotic disease outbreak, and hopefully prevent the next global pandemic.
AI navigation system teaches itself to steer internet balloons
Loon is using a new AI navigation system trained via reinforcement learning to control its fleet of internet-beaming balloons in Kenya.
Your new sex ed teacher is a chatbot
This chatbot is filling in gaps in sex education by talking with teens to answer awkward questions about topics like health, sexuality, and identity.
Series | Superhuman
The emerging cyborg 6:09
Alec McMorris is testing one of the world’s most advanced prosthetics – an AI powered bionic leg.
Series | Coded
How AI could revolutionize coffee 6:55
Could the blockchain be used to make fair trade goods live up to their promise?
AI for Health
Saving lives with AI 4:50
Artificial intelligence can find hidden patterns in patient’s vital signs – and stop emergencies before they happen.
Can AI predict which depression treatment is most effective?
Artificial intelligence-powered algorithms that analyze brain scans are showing promise in helping doctors find an effective depression treatment on the first try.
AI makes nearly 100% accurate cancer diagnosis from urine
A new AI-based technique can make a nearly 100% accurate prostate cancer diagnosis from a urine sample, potentially saving patients from unneeded biopsies.
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