The plea to save the Afghan girls robotics team from the Taliban
A human rights lawyer is trying to get the Afghan girls robotics team evacuated to Canada so its members can avoid living under Taliban rule.
CRISPR scientists win Nobel Prize in chemistry
For the first time, the Nobel Prize in chemistry has gone to two women: CRISPR scientists Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna.
New tech startup aims to teach more girls to code
This start-up just launched an at-home coding kit that aims to get more girls into tech.
The first person to reach space and Challenger Deep
Astronaut Kathy Sullivan has visited the Challenger Deep, making her the first human to reach both space and the bottom of the ocean.
This pen makes hand washing fun for kids
SoaPen makes hand washing much less of a hassle, and it could have an enormous impact in helping prevent future pandemics.
Conversations with refugees
Aline Sara is changing the conversation around what it means to be a refugee by talking — literally. Through her...
Why don’t women’s health companies get adequate funding?
Celmatix Founder and CEO Piraye Beim gives an inside look into the battle to secure funding for women's health.
Advice from a death doula: unlocking life before death
Talking about death can actually make it a much less frightening topic. Here’s how working with a death doula or attending a local death cafe can help.
How Old Skool Café helped this teenager overcome adversity after trauma
In partnership with Stand Together
After suffering a violent gang beating, Desiree Maldonado experienced major medical and emotional issues. She turned from a shy and nerdy 14-year-old kid to a hard and angry rebel. This is how one restaurant job changed her trajectory.
Old Skool Café provides an alternative to gangs and violence
In partnership with Stand Together
As a former prison guard, Teresa Goines watched kids drift in and out of the justice system. Now she runs a jazz-themed eatery that hires at-risk youth and gives them a place to learn and grow.
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Women supporting women to overcome the trauma of abuse
In partnership with Stand Together
When domestic violence survivors share their stories, they feel empowered and find their voice. At Leap to Success, women have the opportunity to do both, forming a clear path to healing from the trauma of abuse.
Female scientists were written out of history books. margaret rossiter changed that.
Margaret Rossiter has made it her lifework to spotlight female scientists who were written out of history books through systematic censorship. Read our Q&A with this groundbreaking historian.
Women are finally reinventing the speculum
The vaginal speculum was invented by a man, and hasn’t been redesigned in almost 200 years. This group of women is making it more user-friendly for all.
The guardian angel for separated families
What happens to children of immigrants when their parents are deported out of the United States? This woman is stepping in, and is now the legal guardian of 1500 immigrant children. Watch now to see the incredible efforts of Nora Sandigo.
This woman is on a mission to turn beer into food
Jacquie Berglund is using the profits from her beer company to buy organic produce from local farmers and distribute the produce to food banks in the area.
Could we end earthquake deaths?
Thousands die in earthquakes every year - even though we know how to build safely. This engineer is working with people in the most vulnerable places to figure out why.
Keeper of the missing
One woman is tracking thousands of missing people. Autism is her superpower.
How to change the world
In partnership with Skoll Foundation
Olivia Leland, founder and CEO of Co-Impact, on how we should approach solving the world’s most complex problems.
How this non-profit weaves a family of support for struggling teens in Baltimore
“Everyone - no matter their age, race, or background - needs a network of supportive relationships to help them...
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Could this be the future of foster care?
In partnership with Stand Together
Take a look inside a town built for foster families
Who will save your parent’s life story?
When her dad had Alzheimer’s, this journalist wrote his life story to help his caregivers understand him. Now, she’d doing the same for hundreds more.
Exclusive interview: how Miriam Krinsky is leading us to a smarter & more equitable justice system
Her organization is bringing together a new generation of prosecutors with a shared vision of fair, compassionate,...
Can a new breed of prosecutor reform our broken system?
Prosecutors are afforded a wide array of discretion within the criminal justice system and wielding that discretion appropriately could mean ending America’s mass incarceration problem.
Breaking abuse victims’ financial handcuffs
This amazing organization is doing whatever it takes to help domestic violence victims survive on their own.
Afghanistan’s first female tech CEO
Despite getting death threats from the Taliban, Roya Mahboob realized her dream of a successful career in tech.