Digital twins are an effective new way to control your metabolism
Digital twins: pioneered at NASA, innovated at Tesla, and now available for your own body, in a smartphone app.
Why Apple won’t call the Vision Pro “virtual reality”
Apple has forbidden developers from using "VR," "AR," or "MR" to describe their Vision Pro apps. That’s a mistake.
From besting Tetris AI to epic speedruns – inside gaming’s most thrilling feats
Gaming embraces design elements that promote social connection, creativity, a sense of autonomy – and, ultimately, the sheer joy of mastery.
Arc Search aims to revolutionize browsing, AI, and search, all at once
Searching isn’t what it used to be, and chatbots can be clunky — will the Browser Company's Arc Search app replace both?
10 must-see technologies from CES 2024
From super-hyped AI assistants to apps that translate babies’ cries, CES 2024 has given us a glimpse at the tech of tomorrow, today.
Waze will now tell you if a road has a history of car accidents
Navigation app Waze’s new Crash History Alerts let drivers know when they’re approaching an area prone to car accidents.
This AI companion could forever change how you feel about tech
Silicon Valley tech startup New Computer has unveiled Dot, an AI companion that could forever change our relationship with tech.
You can now talk to ChatGPT and show it pictures
OpenAI is rolling out new features that let subscribers talk to ChatGPT and show it pictures, enabling more intuitive interactions.
Insiders say Apple is building an “AI health coach”
Tech giant Apple is developing an app with an AI health coach to help you live a healthier lifestyle, according to a Bloomberg report.
ChatGPT can now help you plan a perfect vacation
Online travel agency Expedia has added ChatGPT to its app, giving users a free AI assistant to help them plan a vacation.
Dog “nose print” app is 99% accurate at ID’ing lost pets
An AI-based app that identifies dogs and cats based on their unique nose prints could help reunite lost pets and their owners.
AI that turns docs into presentations is available right now — no waitlist
Fast-growing startup Tome has just released a first-of-its-kind tool that uses generative AI to turn your documents into presentations.
“Digital detoxes” don’t work. Try these 4 skills instead
Digital distractions have become a ubiquitous part of work and life. But these distractions begin with emotional discomfort.
Google announces Bard, a ChatGPT-like AI (Updated)
Google has announced Bard, a conversational AI similar to ChatGPT, and plans to integrate similar AI into its search platform “soon.”
Twitter’s founder donated a quarter of a million to a new social media app
Jack Dorsey has donated 14 bitcoins to Nostr, a decentralized protocol on top of which developers can build apps, such as a social network.
New VR app lets you step inside your smartphone videos 
Early-stage startup Wist Labs is developing a VR app that converts smartphone clips into 3D videos users can step inside.
End-of-life planning app helps you prepare for mortality
End-of-life planning app Bereev helps you prepare for your death so that your loved ones will be able to focus on grieving after you pass.
This wristband tells you what food to buy based on your DNA
By analyzing genetic code determining susceptibility to health conditions like diabetes, it tells you which foods are best for you.
Insulin pump can be controlled with an app
A new app lets insulin pump users deliver doses remotely, making it easier to manage diabetes discretely and conveniently
Viral TikTok recipes fill the menu at virtual restaurants
The new virtual restaurant TikTok Kitchen will feature menu items inspired by viral TikTok recipes, including baked feta pasta.
Speech impairments aren’t a problem for Google’s new voice app
Google’s Project Relate app makes it easier for people with speech impairments to communicate and use speech-recognition tech.
Philly Truce app aims to be the Uber of violence prevention
The violence prevention app Philly Truce connects people in personal conflicts with volunteer mediators trained to resolve them.
Why employers might pay your parents to watch your kids
The Helpr app makes it easy for working parents to get their employers to pay for backup childcare provided by friends and family members.
Crisis app for Afghans provides real-time updates on threats
Ehtesab, a crisis app for Afghans, uses crowdsourced data to provide real-time alerts to residents of Taliban-controlled Kabul.
Pandemic prompts surge in food sharing, app says
Food-sharing app Olio is combating food insecurity by making it easy for those with extra food to get it into the hands of those in need.
Uber may reduce drunk driving deaths by 6%
Uber is reducing drunk driving deaths by more than 6%, according to a new analysis, suggesting that ridesharing is making streets safer.
IBS treatment app helps patients reprogram their minds
An IBS treatment app that facilitates cognitive behavior therapy helped trial participants manage symptoms and improve their quality of life.
How a smartphone app is helping suppress HIV
An HIV app that uses gaming elements to motivate people to stick to their ART regimen was able to increase viral suppression in a small study.
What’s at stake in the Epic vs. Apple trial
One of the biggest antitrust lawsuits in the history of Big Tech kicked off this week — here’s what you need to know.
App can detect early sign of autism in toddlers
A Duke University smartphone app that can detect an early sign of autism in toddlers could one day make diagnosing autism in young children far easier.
AI helps people in war zones get their voices heard by leaders
The United Nations is using an AI tool to survey people living in war zones, giving them a voice during peacekeeping operations.
App helps families know what to do when someone dies
The Empathy app is designed to help grieving families know what to do when someone dies and then actually guide them through the tasks, step by step.
Your guide to the Clubhouse app and how to get an invite
The Clubhouse app is surging in popularity. Here’s what you need to know about the audio-focused social networking platform.