Advancing the Space Frontier

An emerging space economy is here. As teams around the globe race to innovate and explore, what are the implications for the human race? 
The future of space launches: a giant spinning arm in a vacuum 
SpinLaunch has tested a new approach to satellite launches that flings the objects into space, rather than blasting them up with rockets.
Russian satellite strike creates huge cloud of space debris
A Russian anti-satellite weapons test threatened the safety of ISS astronauts by adding more space debris to Earth’s orbit.
Perseverance is collecting more rock samples from Mars
NASA’s Perseverance rover is on the hunt for its next samples from Mars, scraping away a small circle of rock to see beneath its surface.
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Our future as a species depends on a sustainable revolution. How can we transform our cities and lives to protect planet earth?

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Smart shirt monitored astronauts’ health in space
A sensor-packed smart shirt has been used to monitor astronauts’ health in space, with promising results.
Fridge for astronaut food aces first flight tests
Purdue University engineers have designed a fridge for astronaut food that could double its shelf life, potentially overcoming a barrier to longer missions.
Ex-SpaceX engineers bring Mars colony tech to Earth
Inspired by Mars colonization, engineers aim to replace diesel generators with nuclear microreactors
“Pulverize It”: The plan to slice and dice space rocks
To prevent asteroid impacts, UCSB physicists suggest we slice up the space rocks using arrays of “penetrator rods.”
We now know the big bang theory is (probably) not how the universe began
Scientists used to think the universe began from a singularity. Nearly 100 years later, we’re not so sure.
Forget Mars, let’s terraform the moon
We need to make outer space more Earth-like if we’re going to inhabit it one day — let’s start with the moon, not Mars.
New thruster tech that vaporizes metal could help clean up space
Hypernova Space Technologies’ metal-fueled propulsion system for small satellites could be a game-changer for space exploration.
Space bacteria could help astronauts grow plants on Mars
A brand new species of bacteria has been discovered on the International Space Station — and it could one day help astronauts grow plants on Mars.
Space hurricane rains electrons down on North Pole
A space hurricane formed above the North Pole in 2014, marking the first discovery of the theorized — but never proven — extreme space weather event.
Making it on the Moon
Preparing for Mars
How NASA’s space food lab will feed the farthest journey in history 5:53
These food scientists are making it possible for us to explore space in ways we haven’t yet as a species.
Preparing for the first human mission to Mars
Mars is going to be bombarded with visitors from planet Earth — the U.S., China, and UAE are all launching unmanned spacecraft to the red planet this month.
Building infrastructure on Mars is tricky — these bugs could help
Landing on Mars is just the beginning — to live there, we’ll need to invent Martian concrete.
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