Advancing the Space Frontier

An emerging space economy is here. As teams around the globe race to innovate and explore, what are the implications for the human race? 
SpaceX’s Starship is ready for its first trip into space
SpaceX’s Mars-bound Starship — the largest spacecraft ever built — is expected to undergo its first orbital test flight in March 2022.
rogue planets
Astronomers have found the biggest group of rogue planets yet 
Using ground telescopes and satellite observations taken over decades, researchers have identified the largest number of wandering rogue planets yet.
spherical robot Daedalus
This “hamster ball” robot could explore lunar caves
The spherical Daedalus robot may explore lunar caves during future ESA moon missions, looking for places that could potentially host human settlements.
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Our future as a species depends on a sustainable revolution. How can we transform our cities and lives to protect planet earth?

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Preparing for outer space8:24
As the tech side of space travel advances, an annual gathering focuses on life off of planet earth.
astronaut sleeping bag
Clever sleeping bag design might save astronauts’ eyesight 
A sleeping bag designed for use in microgravity could protect astronauts’ vision by pulling eyeball-deforming fluids away from their brains.
space hurricane
Space hurricane rains electrons down on North Pole 
A space hurricane formed above the North Pole in 2014, marking the first discovery of the theorized — but never proven — extreme space weather event.
Space Telescope
The Hubble Space Telescope is dying. Here’s what’s next.
With Hubble living on borrowed time, NASA and its partners prepare to launch the satellite’s successor: the James Webb Space Telescope.
Moon glass helps solve a lunar mystery
Analyzing moon samples from the 1980s with a new laser technique shows we were wrong about the moon’s magnetic field.
Making it on the Moon
Preparing for Mars
How NASA’s space food lab will feed the farthest journey in history5:53
These food scientists are making it possible for us to explore space in ways we haven’t yet as a species.
Human Mission to Mars
Preparing for the first human mission to Mars
Mars is going to be bombarded with visitors from planet Earth — the U.S., China, and UAE are all launching unmanned spacecraft to the red planet this month.
Building infrastructure on Mars is tricky — these bugs could help
Landing on Mars is just the beginning — to live there, we’ll need to invent Martian concrete.
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