Harnessing Psychedelics

Breakthroughs in psychedelics are leading to a paradigm shift in well being. How can we accelerate progress and what will our relationship with drugs look like as this movement goes mainstream? 
Microdosing psychedelics 5:56
Microdosing is the no-flowers-in-your-hair practice of regularly taking minimal amounts of hallucinogenic substances. Although it’s currently illegal, millions of dollars are being poured into further research.
Oral ketamine treatment reduced suicidal thoughts: Pilot study
A new, small study in Australia suggests that oral ketamine treatment may help treat suicidal thoughts.
Friendly little mice are helping us understand the effects of LSD
Researchers at McGill have discovered the mechanisms behind the sociable effects of LSD in mice.
See Another Challenge

We now have the tools to control evolution. How will DIY biology improve our brains and our bodies, and what impacts will this have on society?

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Yale study: magic mushrooms may grow connections between brain cells
A single dose of psilocybin caused increased growth in neuron-connecting dendritic spines in mice.
Ketamine infusion: What it's like and how it works
Ketamine infusion therapy takes the anesthetic from dance floors to depression clinics. But how does the drug work, and what is it like?
Low doses of nitrous oxide may treat depression
A new, small study has found that low doses of nitrous oxide — laughing gas — can treat symptoms of depression.
Phase 2 trial finds psychedelic works as well as common drug
A small study has provided evidence of psilocybin for depression working as well as a popular SSRI.
Take a trip to Johns Hopkins’ new psychedelic research center
Johns Hopkins is throwing its considerable clout behind the fast-growing field of psychedelic research, pouring $17 million into a research center to study the hallucinogenic drugs.
Algorithm clears thousands of marijuana convictions in just one minute
With this new system that identifies candidates for criminal record clearance and even auto-fills forms, offenders don’t even need to apply.
CBD slows growth of brain cancer cells in a Petri dish
The cannabis compound CBD can slow the growth of brain cancer cells, but it’s a long way from a new cancer treatment.
Marijuana and autism: Removing the stigma
Research is beginning to prove the hopeful connection between marijuana and autism treatment for symptom relief. Here is one man’s inspiring story.
New promise for psychedelics and depression
New findings on psychedelics and depression show the benefits of microdosing, and could present more effective treatment options.
Healing PTSD with MDMA therapy 
New hope for PTSD sufferers is coming from an expected quarter: MDMA.
Fighting Depression

I use ketamine for depression – here’s how it works

Ketamine’s reputation is moving away from “party drug” and into one of the newest and most effective forms of depression treatment.

I use ketamine for depression – here’s how it works

ketamine for depression
Breakthrough Treatments
Cannabis as a natural treatment for autism 7:07
When typical medications simply aren’t doing enough to manage their children’s symptoms, mothers like Jenni Mai are turning to medical marijuana. But with current regulations, parents are having to become pharmacists for their own families, and some are even moving across the country so they can legally access cannabis.
Microdosing LSD may provide pain relief
Since the 1960s, LSD has been seen as a potential painkiller. Now, new research suggests microdosing LSD may indeed provide relief.
MDMA has long-lasting benefits as a PTSD treatment
The benefits of MDMA therapy as a PTSD treatment appear to last for at least a year, according to a newly published paper.
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New promise for psychedelics and depression
Cannabis as a natural treatment for autism 7:07
Marijuana and autism: Removing the stigma
Take a trip to Johns Hopkins' new psychedelic research center
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