Building a Solarpunk Future

Our future as a species depends on a sustainable revolution. How can we transform our cities and lives to protect planet earth?
Inside Europe’s largest vertical farm
At a massive vertical farm in Denmark, food tech startup Nordic Harvest is demonstrating the benefits of moving agriculture indoors.
New 3D-printed batteries could change energy storage forever
A 3D-printing startup has created a solid state battery that “equals or betters” the performance of current lithium-ion batteries.
New EV charging station quickly powers four vehicles at once
Swiss tech company ABB has unveiled a new EV charging station that can quickly power four vehicles at once.
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Advancing the Space Frontier Thumb

An emerging space economy is here. As teams around the globe race to innovate and explore, what are the implications for the human race?

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The plant-based startup taking on food giants 6:22
Kelp is a superfood that’s grown totally sustainable. But will people be willing to replace burgers with seaweed?
How artificial clouds could save the Great Barrier Reef
Scientists conducted the first “cloud brightening” field experiment to artificially thicken clouds with seawater mist, creating shade for the Great Barrier Reef
UK building road with “wonder material” graphene
The United Kingdom is launching a world’s first trial to test whether adding graphene to recycled asphalt can increase a highway’s lifespan.
Can these mirrors give us solar power at night?
Concentrated solar power plants could help us achieve our clean energy goals, but it won’t come cheap.
Scientists make sustainable coffee from lab-grown cells
Finnish researchers are making sustainable coffee in the lab to combat the negative environmental effects of coffee production.
“Agrihood” puts a farm in the center of Silicon Valley housing
An “agrihood” under construction in Santa Clara, CA, will give low-income residents access to cheap produce grown onsite.
Is ancient technology better than modern air conditioning?
Wind catchers — an ancient technique to beat the heat, could help us once more in our quest for emissions-free cooling.
Can tech rentals solve the problem of electronic waste?
To combat the problem of electronic waste, German startup Grover is now selling Americans subscriptions to laptops, phones, and other tech.
Lab-grown milk proteins prove more environmentally friendly
It’s less environmentally costly to produce milk proteins in the lab than to source them from cows, according to a new report.
These nuclear reactors can recycle radioactive waste
The future of the nuclear industry lies in developing cheaper and more nimble reactors.
Sustainable Food
Future of Cities
Futuristic Copenhagen architecture builds on water 5:05
The innovators of Copenhagen architecture are pioneering new solutions to urban living challenges, from floating parks to man-made islands.
The world's first floating 3D printed house
A group in the Czech Republic is using a 3D printing robot to construct what it claims will be the world’s first floating 3D printed house.
Series | Challengers
This carbon-negative dream house ships in a box 5:11
A startup described as the “IKEA of houses” is determined to make beautifully-designed, energy efficient homes affordable for everyone.
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