What will it take for smart glasses to replace smartphones?
Smart glasses that combine personal computing, AI, and augmented reality could be the next life-changing consumer tech device. Here's how.
How Brilliant Labs CEO is creating a “symbiosis of humanity and artificial intelligence”
CEO Bobak Tavangar discusses the philosophy behind Brilliant’s latest device, Frame, and his vision for the future of AI.
OpenBCI’s new VR headset reacts to your brain and body
OpenBCI is reshaping the relationship between humans and the virtual world with Galea Beta, a headset that measures the body and brain.
Why Apple won’t call the Vision Pro “virtual reality”
Apple has forbidden developers from using "VR," "AR," or "MR" to describe their Vision Pro apps. That’s a mistake.
Tech hacks the nervous system to bring touch to virtual reality
Afference's Phantom conducts electrical signals through nerves in the fingers to convince your brain it feels objects in virtual spaces.
Space Force pays Microsoft $20 million for a space simulator
Microsoft is building an advanced space simulator for the US Space Force so that its members can train in VR.
We tested the most advanced haptic gloves in the world
HaptX's new technology uses tactile and force feedback to allow people to "feel" virtual objects with high fidelity.
Apple’s $3500 mixed reality headset hits stores February 2
Apple has announced a February 2, 2024, release date for its highly anticipated mixed reality headset, Vision Pro.
New AI will teach soldiers to dress wounds, fly helicopters in AR
DARPA is developing AI assistants that will display instructions to military personnel through augmented reality headsets.
New VR app lets you step inside your smartphone videos 
Early-stage startup Wist Labs is developing a VR app that converts smartphone clips into 3D videos users can step inside.
Magic Leap reveals release date, price for new AR glasses 
Two years after laying off half of its staff, Magic Leap is back with a new pair of AR glasses, the enterprise-focused Magic Leap 2.
AR’s first great use: never get lost again 
The tech behind an AR shopping app helping grocery store customers find items could one day help you navigate airports, museums, and more.
You can “see the future” with these smart contact lenses 
Mojo Vision’s smart contact lens has finally made the leap to human testing, bringing the future of AR a major step closer.
Augmented reality will give us superpowers
Virtual and augmented reality have had false starts, but AR eyewear will soon replace the smartphone as our interface for digital content.
NASA uses “holoportation” in space for first time
Holoportation tech developed by Microsoft virtually sent a flight surgeon to the ISS to talk to an astronaut.
Disney creates “Virtual World Simulator” for its theme parks 
Disney’s new “Virtual World Simulator” would let theme park visitors interact with 3D digital elements without the use of AR goggles.
Diminished reality flips the script on AR
Fittingbox’s Frame Removal uses diminished reality to help people pick out new eyeglasses — but the tech’s potential extends far beyond the bridge of your nose.
The future of AR isn’t in gaming. Here are 5 industries to watch.
Putting aside interactive filters and fantasy games, augmented reality has the potential to be a vital tool for future innovation.
Immersive technology will revolutionize our daily life
Extended reality technologies are quickly becoming better and cheaper, suggesting they may soon become part of daily life.
The metaverse is coming. Cathy Hackl explains why we should care.
We're about to enter the metaverse. This will completely change how we interact with our environment, says Futurist Cathy Hackl.
Magic Leap is back with a new AR headset
Augmented reality startup Magic Leap plans to release a new AR headset in 2022 using a recently raised $500 million in funding.
Understanding the metaverse through Spatial
From virtual collaboration to NFT Galleries, one of the immersive industry’s most ambitious startups is making its metaverse play.
Holograph tech “teleports” Olympic badminton competition
Japanese telecom company NTT is using holograph tech to recreate Olympic badminton matches at a venue 22 miles away in real time.
This 'Metaform' optical device could shrink the size of AR headsets
By bridging nanophotonics and freeform optics, University of Rochester researchers hope to enable next-gen AR optics in XR wearables.
Holographic collaboration may be the future of work
Campfire emerges from stealth with an integrated system for real-time, remote 3D collaboration.
David Attenborough’s AR app puts dinos in your living room
The film David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive now has a companion AR app that brings three extinct creatures to life in your home.
Facebook's neural wristband could replace keyboards
A neural wristband that allows wearers to control AR glasses by simply moving their fingers is under development at Facebook Reality Labs.
First AR-assisted knee replacement in America is a success
The United States’ first AR-assisted knee replacement surgery was a success, marking another milestone for the use of AR in healthcare.
Doctors use AR surgery to implant 3D-printed eye socket
Doctors in Israel used a combination of AR surgery and 3D printing to repair a patient’s damaged eye socket quickly and efficiently.
Heads up display lets firefighters see through smoke
Qwake Technologies’ C-Thru is a heads up display that combines AI, augmented reality, and thermal imaging to help firefighters battle blazes.
Military dogs may soon sport AR goggles in enemy territory
Military dogs will don augmented reality goggles to test their ability to keep soldiers safe by allowing them to direct the dogs from afar.
Facebook's new augmented reality glasses will turbocharge hearing
Facebook released details of augmented reality glasses that can tune out the real world and make computer-generated sounds seem real.
Mojo Vision wants to give our eyes superpowers
AR contact lenses will project the digital world into our retinas.
VR trips help treat depression in the elderly
In the U.S., about six million people over the age of 65 experience late life depression. So one organization is providing virtual reality excursions for seniors to help them experience life to the fullest.
Conquering fear with virtual reality exposure therapy
Whether a patient fears spiders or flying, VR technology allows therapists to treat anxiety disorders by simulating these experiences in a safe environment.
AR in use: NASA's Dragonfly mission to Titan
With a keen curiosity to learn more about how life formed on Earth, NASA has plans to send a spacecraft called the Dragonfly to Saturn’s largest moon, and they’re using augmented reality to make it happen.