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New coronavirus test could check one million people daily
BillionToOne has announced the creation of a coronavirus test it says would allow the U.S. to check more than one million people for COVID-19 daily.
Scientists analyze sewage to track coronavirus infections
Scientists are attempting to track coronavirus infections by analyzing sewage for signs of the virus’ genetic material.
Plasma from coronavirus survivors helps sick patients recover
Two studies in China found that plasma from coronavirus survivors helps patients with severe cases of COVID-19 recover within days of treatment.
Contact-tracing apps could help end coronavirus lockdown
A new University of Oxford study found that contact-tracing apps could help bring the coronavirus pandemic to an end without violating citizens' rights.
Bill Gates is spending billions to produce 7 coronavirus vaccines
The Gates Foundation is building factories to manufacture seven promising coronavirus vaccines to prepare for mass production if any prove effective.
Group coronavirus testing helps make most of limited kits
Researchers across the globe are testing the efficacy of group coronavirus testing — using one kit for multiple patients — with promising results.
New tool seeks to protect those reusing coronavirus masks
A group of researchers launched a website that teaches healthcare workers everything they need to know about reusing coronavirus masks as safely as possible.
Genetic evidence debunks coronavirus conspiracy theories, scientists say
A team of researchers analyzed the COVID-19 coronavirus. Their findings debunk the conspiracy theory that the virus was lab-made.
Nonprofits innovating in the face of COVID-19
In partnership with Stand Together
Wondering how you can help during the coronavirus? Here are five organizations that need your support, and how your donation could be doubled.
Big tobacco announces "breakthrough" in plant-based coronavirus vaccine
A plant-based coronavirus vaccine developed by a subsidiary of British American Tobacco is now undergoing pre-clinical testing.
A promising vaccine candidate, new mutual-aid networks, and more COVID-19 updates
In our weekly news roundup, we take you inside the fight against COVID-19 to explore the solutions on the frontlines of an unprecedented global response.
New coronavirus vaccine candidate creates antibodies in mice
A new coronavirus vaccine candidate that delivers inoculation via a microneedle patch has shown promise in a peer-reviewed mouse study.
Silicon Valley fixes broken ventilators for coronavirus patients
Silicon Valley-based Bloom Energy has refurbished hundreds of ventilators for coronavirus patients in just a few weeks — and it shows no signs of slowing down.
New coronavirus test offers results in minutes
Abbott Laboratories’ new coronavirus test can tell if a person has COVID-19 in just five minutes — far faster than existing testing methods.
New study boosts case for at-home coronavirus tests
A new study eliminates one major argument against at-home coronavirus tests: that patients won’t be able to collect usable samples themselves.
You can help scientists during the coronavirus quarantine
Getting bored during the coronavirus quarantine? Researchers are looking for volunteer citizen scientists to help analyze distant galaxies from home.
Misinformation is as contagious as coronavirus
Fighting misinformation is now a crucial aspect of responding to disease, and health information expert Adrienne Holz Ivory explains why.
Coronavirus antibody testing project launches in Colorado
Colorado’s San Miguel County has launched an antibody testing project to test the blood of all 8,000 residents for signs that they’re immune to COVID-19.
University students step up to expand coronavirus testing
University students are helping expand coronavirus testing by volunteering their time to help process thousands of test samples per day in school labs.
The daily coronavirus news roundup – monday, march 30th
Solutions to the ventilator shortage, an app that shows what's in stock at local stores, and other fresh coronavirus news updates.
Spain will use robots to increase coronavirus testing
Spain is buying a fleet of robots to increase coronavirus testing from 20,000 COVID-19 tests daily to 80,000, according to officials.
Researchers unveil low-cost coronavirus ventilator design
Researchers have specifically designed a new coronavirus ventilator to address the critical shortage caused by the abundance of COVID-19 patients.
Coronavirus volunteers are using tech to help their communities
Groups looking for ways to help during COVID-19 are turning to tech, using websites, spreadsheets, and online forms to mobilize coronavirus volunteers.
Y Combinator startups turn resources toward coronavirus
More than 25 Y Combinator startups have joined the COVID-19 response effort — find out how you can help these businesses fighting the coronavirus.
New to homeschooling? here are 5 resources that can help
Here are five online resources for the first-time homeschooler, from foreign language classes to physical education.
The daily coronavirus news roundup – friday, march 27th
Slowing infection rates in New York, a robot that's delivering vital supplies, and other fresh coronavirus news updates.
A list of the coronavirus symptoms, and when to see a doctor
Here is the latest information on coronavirus symptoms and how to distinguish COVID-19 from allergies, the flu, or a common cold.
The daily coronavirus news roundup – thursday, march 26th
An app that can help trace transmission, a 30-minute diagnostics test, and other fresh coronavirus news updates.
Delivery robot distributes supplies during coronavirus
Chinese company Neolix’s delivery robot has proven to be an instrumental — and versatile — weapon in China’ fight against the novel coronavirus.
A smart thermometer is helping fight the coronavirus
Kinsa Health is helping fight the coronavirus by sharing data collected by its smart thermometers as quickly as possible.
New app uses location data to track the coronavirus
Researchers from MIT and Harvard have created a smartphone app to track the coronavirus, and it puts a premium on user privacy.
How deadly is the coronavirus? The numbers may not mean what you think.
Your guide to understanding the confusing and contradictory coronavirus fatality rates.
The daily coronavirus news roundup – wednesday, march 25th
A new blood test in the Netherlands, declining death rates in Italy, and other fresh coronavirus news updates.
Doctors: home-based care for coronavirus could save lives
A group of doctors in Italy is making the case for more home-based care for coronavirus patients as a way of coping with the overwhelming COVID-19 outbreak.
The daily coronavirus news roundup – tuesday, march 24th
A hospital ship off the coast of Los Angeles, the potential new coronavirus treatment, and other fresh coronavirus news updates.
South Korea starts using “phone booths” for coronavirus tests
A South Korean hospital has created “phone booths” where medical staff can complete coronavirus tests on patients during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Flu drug may be an effective new coronavirus treatment
The Japanese flu drug favipiravir is an effective and safe new coronavirus treatment, Chinese officials claim after testing it on 340 patients.
The daily coronavirus news roundup – monday, march 23rd
Solutions to the mask shortage, a massive vaccine and treatment list, and other fresh coronavirus news updates.
Your voice could help train an AI to detect coronavirus
The Corona Voice Detect project is developing an AI-powered system to detect coronavirus infections based on a sample of a person’s voice.
Here is every potential coronavirus treatment and vaccine
Across the globe, researchers are scrambling to find a coronavirus treatment or vaccine that could bring the COVID-19 outbreak to a swift end.
Crowdsourcing the seed for coronavirus antiviral medications
Foldit players are solving a protein structure puzzle that could help kickstart coronavirus antiviral medications.
The daily coronavirus news roundup – friday, march 20th
Each day, Freethink publishes the “Coronavirus Roundup,” a collection highlighting the latest must-read COVID-19 stories from us and others.
FDA to begin testing chloroquine as coronavirus treatment
The FDA has announced plans to begin testing chloroquine, an anti-malaria drug, as a potential treatment for the novel coronavirus behind COVID-19.
An epidemic of false confidence related to COVID-19
To distinguish between the most optimistic and pessimistic pandemic scenarios, we need to measure how many people have developed an immunity to the virus.
Private sector stepping up to combat COVID-19
Cosmetics companies and distilleries are making hand sanitizer and the UK asks manufacturers to make ventilators as the private sector responds to the pandemic.
Our spare computer is helping fight coronavirus. yours can, too.
Help fight the coronavirus by donating your spare computing power to Folding@home, which will use it to run valuable protein-folding simulations.
How to improve shopping for the elderly during a pandemic
To improve shopping for the elderly during the coronavirus pandemic, stores have set “seniors-only” hours, while volunteers deliver supplies for free.
Experts are 3D printing coronavirus supplies for hospitals
After an Italian firm 3D printed in-demand coronavirus supplies for a hospital, others in the community were inspired to offer their own help.
First coronavirus vaccine is ready for human testing
The experimental coronavirus vaccine, mRNA-1273, began human testing on March 16, several weeks ahead of expectations.
The coronavirus hospital staffed by robots
A robot-run coronavirus hospital in Wuhan, China, is just one remarkable example of how technology is helping combat the global COVID-19 outbreak.
What is protecting kids against the coronavirus?
Something is protecting kids against the coronavirus, and researchers want to figure out what it is so they can use it to develop a treatment.
World’s fastest supercomputer finds 77 drug candidates that could help battle COVID-19
The Summit supercomputer made quick work of complicated simulations to identify 77 compounds that could be promising COVID-19 treatments.
More than $1 million in prizes for coronavirus solutions
Emergent Ventures is awarding more than $1 million in coronavirus prizes to people who make significant progress in combating COVID-19.
Blood plasma from coronavirus survivors could save lives
A drug company is using the blood plasma of coronavirus survivors to develop a treatment for those still battling the disease.
Gates Foundation funds at-home coronavirus testing project
The Gates Foundation is funding an at-home coronavirus testing project in Seattle, with the goal of testing thousands of people for COVID-19 daily.
AI can detect coronavirus infections far faster than humans
New artificial intelligence systems can detect coronavirus infections far faster than human doctors and could help end the COVID-19 outbreak.
US’s first drive-thru coronavirus clinic opens in Seattle
A Seattle hospital system has opened a drive-thru coronavirus clinic, a place where people can be tested for COVID-19 without leaving their cars.
Why aren’t the World Bank’s pandemic bonds helping fight COVID-19?
The World Bank sold pandemic bonds to address global health emergencies, but it has yet to release any of the money to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak.
Data scientists are making it easier to track COVID-19
Teams of computer scientists across the globe are working tirelessly to help track COVID-19 through the use of computer modeling and data dissemination.
AI helps scientists discover powerful new antibiotic
Using a computer model powered by artificial intelligence, researchers at MIT have identified several promising candidates for powerful new antibiotics.
China is responding to the coronavirus in a way only China could
China is using its vast surveillance network and near-total control over citizens to respond to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in a way perhaps no other nation could.
Experts unveil “breakthrough” map of key coronavirus protein
Scientists have created the first atomic-scale 3D map of 2019-nCoV’s spike protein, the part of the coronavirus that infiltrates human cells.
How to make 100 million doses of coronavirus vaccine in a year
Creating a new vaccine is slow and expensive. One biotech firm thinks a “plug-and-play” vaccine could change that.