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For the first time, astronomers have detected a radio signal from the massive explosion of a dying white dwarf
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Buying a home in today’s economy is expensive – but not impossible
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CRISPR uncovers possible antidote for death cap mushroom poisoning
Graphene is a Nobel Prize-winning “wonder material.” Graphyne might replace it.
New kind of chicken lays eggs that don’t have allergy protein
Did life evolve more than once? Researchers are closing in on an answer
Astronomers find Earth-sized planet covered in volcanoes
Depression treatment reverses “backwards” brain signals
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Autonomous public transportation rolls out in Arizona
NASA’s last “Great Observatory” could be coming out of retirement
The AI healthcare revolution has begun
This robotic arm study is preparing us for our cyborg future
We’re analysing DNA from ancient and modern humans to create a “family tree of everyone”
Something found in bats could help us survive infections and inflammation
A general-purpose robot is entering the workforce
Like hungry locusts, humans can easily be tricked into overeating
Watch NASA’s one-of-a-kind snake robot training to go to space
Discovery finally uncovers how melanin blocks UV
Scientists discovered a “minimum mechanism” required for consciousness
We need more than ChatGPT to have “true AI.” It is merely the first ingredient in a complex recipe
New electronic pill zaps the stomach to regulate hunger
How to make credit work for you — not against you
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A banana that doesn’t go bad so fast approved by the Philippines
Psychedelic inspires discovery of two new drug candidates for depression
This soft brain implant unfurls its arms under the skull
To be a happier, more successful person, get off the “hedonic treadmill”
Man’s mutated gene appears to delay onset of Alzheimer’s
First-in-US brain surgery performed in Boston
SpaceX to launch first commercial space station in 2025
Supercomputers revealed giant “pillars of heat” funnelling diamonds upwards from deep within Earth
3 key activities will make you “antifragile”
A new organelle has been found in cells
The groundbreaking plan to map the entire human immune system
Personalized mRNA vaccine preps the body to battle deadly cancer
Amish gene study finds clues to mood disorders like depression and bipolar disorder
CRISPR sausage gets FDA green light for consumption
Potential way to treat anorexia found in microbiome
Wendy’s has a chatbot taking drive-thru orders
New gene therapy could reverse a common cause of blindness
Rapamycin: The unlucky history of the most powerful anti-aging drug
Westinghouse’s small nuclear reactor could power the future
Ultrasound could help us fight the deadliest cancer
LSD flashbacks and a psychedelic disorder that can last forever
Why every day counts when saving for retirement
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MIT breakthrough creates world’s smallest holographic microscope
AI helps terminal cancer patients make the most of their final days
New tech permanently destroys “forever chemicals” in water
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What AI can teach us about copyright and fair use
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New drug candidates found in an unlikely place
New tech creates liquid buttons on touchscreens
Study: Parenthood seems to rewire gray matter
Listening to the right tunes can prevent motion sickness in VR
World’s first vaccine for RSV approved in the US
The first fecal transplant pill is heading to pharmacies
More Americans than ever have no friends. Here are 5 steps to make more friends.
World’s first thermal energy storage “gigafactory” opens
“Blind” robot hand can operate solely by touch
Ancient viruses in the human genome can help fight cancer
The grid isn’t ready for 300 million EVs by 2030. Here’s how to fix it.
Complex brain activity detected in dying patients
New Alzheimer’s drug slows cognitive decline by 35%
Networks of silver nanowires seem to learn and remember, much like our brains
Earbud-like tech will monitor sleep for signs of Parkinson’s
Nature-based solutions are cleaning up cities
Your fundamental tax questions, answered
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Insiders say Apple is building an “AI health coach”
Gene therapy reverses vision loss in primates — by making their eyes young again
The vicious cycle of food and sleep
“Relationships 5.0”: Are people going to start dating AI?
Massive autonomous robot is 3 to 5 times faster than a human construction crew
See Mars’ mysterious moon Deimos from just 68 miles away
Startups serve “world’s first” lab-grown fish filets
Battery density breakthrough could be enough to power electric planes
Scientists discover “anxiety gene” in the brain — and a natural way to turn it off