Building a Solarpunk Future

Our future as a species depends on a sustainable revolution. How can we transform our cities and lives to protect planet earth?
China successfully tests space-based solar power components 
Researchers at China’s Xidian University have successfully tested a proof-of-concept for collecting solar power via satellites.
future of agriculture
How a poker prodigy accidentally created a booming vertical farm  7:36
“Everybody says that 9 out of 10 startups fail. So my mind translates that to as, ‘I just have to start 10 companies.’”
This starchy wondercrop could help alleviate food insecurity
Enset, a perennial banana-like fruit cultivated in southwestern Ethiopia, is an underexploited starch crop with significant potential.
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Advancing the Space Frontier Thumb

An emerging space economy is here. As teams around the globe race to innovate and explore, what are the implications for the human race?

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Series | Hard Reset
How to build neighborhoods we actually likeWatch
Where you live has more of an impact on your physical, emotional, and mental health than you think.
jet suit
Watch: Medic in jet suit reaches mountain top in 3.5 minutes 
A paramedic in a jet suit flew up a mountain in just 3.5 minutes, demonstrating how the tech could shave valuable minutes off response times.
Algae-powered computer
Algae-powered computer runs for a year on light and water 
An algae-powered computer demonstrates a sustainable, reliable way we could power small IoT devices in the future.
Solar + battery hybrids are poised for explosive growth
Solar panels and battery storage can generate renewable power when solar energy is at its peak during the day and then release it as needed.
deep ocean currents
Massive turbine turns deep ocean currents into electricity 
Deep ocean currents could be an economically viable source of clean energy, based on a recently wrapped demo in Japan.
Sustainable Food
Future of Cities
Futuristic Copenhagen architecture builds on water5:05
The innovators of Copenhagen architecture are pioneering new solutions to urban living challenges, from floating parks to man-made islands.
3D Printed House
The world's first floating 3D printed house
A group in the Czech Republic is using a 3D printing robot to construct what it claims will be the world’s first floating 3D printed house.
energy efficient homes
Series | Challengers
This carbon-negative dream house ships in a box5:11
A startup described as the “IKEA of houses” is determined to make beautifully-designed, energy efficient homes affordable for everyone.
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