California officials and construction workers gather at a podium with signs saying "More Homes Faster," "Build Homes Now," etc.
“Up to 2.4 million new apartments” legalized by bipartisan California legislation
Millions of new apartments in commercial areas and near transit have been legalized by new California laws just signed by Governor Gavin Newsom.
Air Canada orders 30 electric-hybrid aircraft for takeoff in 2028
Flag carrier Air Canada has announced plans to have electric-hybrid planes on regional and commuter routes by 2028.
The surprising history of how electric vehicles have played the long game and won
The electric vehicle’s environmental credentials might give them a final push to win the long game over traditional cars.
Electric school buses are taking students back to school
Can electric school busses bring cleaner air and lower maintenance costs to school districts across the country?
faster ev charging
Optimized charging powers EV batteries to 90% in 10 minutes
Tomorrow's electric vehicles could charge far more quickly thanks to optimized charging methods and innovative battery designs.
On the road to autonomous cars, driver fatigue will be a problem
New research from Waymo points the way to overcoming driver fatigue in cars that are almost — but not quite — self-driving.
e-bike conversion kit
This simple kit turns your regular bike into an e-bike in minutes
The Rubbee X is a simple e-bike conversion kit that could help get more people out of gas-powered cars and onto climate-friendly bicycles.
Free Lyft robotaxis are hitting Las Vegas
Motional and Lyft are now offering robotaxi rides in Las Vegas.
supersonic planes
American Airlines plans to buy 20 supersonic planes
American Airlines has paid a non-refundable deposit for 20 supersonic planes from Denver-based startup Boom Supersonic.
MIT’s new algorithm for self-driving cars is open-source
MIT scientists unveil the first open-source simulation engine capable of constructing realistic environments for autonomous vehicles.
flying sports car
Flying sports car cleared for takeoff by FAA
Samson Sky has received approval from the FAA to begin flight testing its flying sports car, the three-wheeled Switchblade.
15th century futurism: Leonardo da Vinci’s famous helicopter design finally takes flight
Da Vinci dreamed up a helicopter 400 years before they actually existed. Now, engineers have brought his design to life, but with a twist.
electric ferry
You can ride this “flying” electric ferry in 2023
Stockholm is piloting a “flying” electric ferry that’s expected to cut commute times in half and make public transportation more sustainable.
Electric “seagliders” may soon skim the Hawaiian shoreline
Flying low above the sea, “seagliders” from Boston-based company REGENT may be cruising Hawaii by 2025.
solar electric car
This luxury solar electric car could go 7 months without recharging
Dutch startup Lightyear expects to begin delivering a $254,000 solar electric car to customers in November 2022.
aptera solar car
$26K solar car now has a factory — and will roll out this year
Solar car startup Aptera has purchased a factory where its vehicles will be carried from station to station by autonomous robots.
autonomous ships
Hyundai’s autonomous ship is the first to make a transoceanic journey
Autonomous ships like the Prism Courage could make the seas safer, while also making shipping cleaner and more efficient.
Why Africa’s newest super-bridge is in the continent’s weirdest border zone
The Kazungula Bridge has turned a cartographic near-miss into a geopolitical marvel, with a chance to renew Africa's economy.
This compact electric vehicle wants to combine a scooter and a car
Nimbus is now taking pre-orders for its compact electric vehicle, which splits the difference between scooter and car.
air taxis
Pilotless German air taxi flies for first time
Volocopter’s four-seat air taxi — the VoloConnect — has completed its maiden flight and is on track for a 2026 commercial launch.
myths about electric vehicles
The biggest myths about electric vehicles
Electric vehicle sales are skyrocketing, but misinformation about the tech is still rampant. These are seven of the biggest myths about EVs.
Electric car supplies are running out
People who aspire to own a brand new electric vehicle will struggle to move forward. Will this also slow down the journey to net-zero?
ammonia-powered tractor
MIT grads demonstrate first ammonia-powered tractor
Amogy, a startup founded by four MIT grads, has transformed a John Deere into the world’s first zero-emission, ammonia-powered tractor.
Digital technology can cut global emissions by 15%. Here’s how.
The grand challenge for humanity is to ensure that groundbreaking technologies have a clear purpose for our planet.
Humans have big plans for mining in space
What's holding us back from mining in space when we have such big plans already? The sheer cost, for one thing.
fastest private je
World’s fastest passenger jet hits near-supersonic speeds
Aircraft manufacturer Bombardier has unveiled the Global 8000, the fastest private jet in the world with a max operating speed of 721 mph.
Elon Musk’s Hyperloop is possible. How badly do we want it?
The Hyperloop is physically possible, but engineering challenges will make its construction difficult. Also, accidents would be catastrophic.
jet suit
Watch: Medic in jet suit reaches mountain top in 3.5 minutes
A paramedic in a jet suit flew up a mountain in just 3.5 minutes, demonstrating how the tech could shave valuable minutes off response times.
Tesla Semi
You can finally reserve a Tesla Semi
Members of the public can now reserve a Tesla Semi, an all-electric, heavy-duty vehicle that Elon Musk first unveiled in 2017.
supersonic flight
NASA is planning to bring back supersonic flight over land
Supersonic flight over land is currently banned in the US, but a plane being built by NASA and Lockheed Martin could rewrite the rules.
hypersonic plane
A 20-seat hypersonic plane is being built in Atlanta
Atlanta-based startup Hermeus is developing a hypersonic plane to ferry passengers around the globe at incredible speeds.
The world’s first airport for flying cars and drones has just landed
The UK's development of an urban airport for flying cars and drones could inspire other nations to follow suit.
The next big disruption is coming: How cities can prepare for flying cars
Urban Aerial Mobility - or 'flying cars' - could present a more flexible way for cities to invest in future infrastructure.
This solar-powered motorhome was designed by students
Students from the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands have created a solar-powered motorhome, shaped like a huge teardrop.
This new “levitating” Chinese train will be the fastest in the world
It would only take 2.5 hours to travel from Beijing to Shanghai, a journey of more than 1,000 km or 620 miles.
sustainable aviation fuel
Superjumbo jet engine flies on 100% sustainable aviation fuel
For the first time, an Airbus A380 superjumbo jet flew with 100% sustainable aviation fuel powering an engine.
Paris plans to be completely cyclable by 2026
France is investing a total of 250 million euros ($290 million) to make the city of Paris entirely bikeable.
Swiss scientists are making jet fuel from sunlight and air
The fuel's reliance on sunlight makes desert areas prime land for production sites, leaving valuable agricultural land available for food.
Volkswagen ID.Buz
Volkswagen reveals release date for electric Microbus
Volkswagen will begin selling its all-electric ID. Buzz — a modern take on the iconic Microbus — in the U.S. in 2024.
driverless cars
Steering wheels now optional for driverless cars in US
Driverless cars no longer need to have manual controls, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s safety standards.
level 5 autonomy
Oculus exec bets $10,000 we’ll have fully autonomous cars by 2030
An Oculus exec has publicly bet $10,000 that vehicles with Level 5 autonomy will arrive on city streets by 2030.
self-driving car
GM asks to deploy self-driving car with no steering wheel
GM and Cruise have asked the NHTSA for permission to build and deploy their Cruise Origin, a self-driving car with no steering wheel.
cargo drones
Huge cargo drones could soon move goods across the globe
Natilus is developing huge autonomous cargo drones that could cut the cost of air freight by 60% and reduce its carbon emissions by 50%.
black hawk helicopter
Autonomous Black Hawk helicopter flies without a crew
The U.S. Army has given a Black Hawk helicopter the ability to complete an autonomous flight without any humans on board.
How slime molds can design efficient subway networks without human help
A new computer models shows how slime molds may design efficient subways without our help.
Clean offshore charging buoys can save city air
Shipping giant Maersk is building custom charging buoys that provide electricity to ships moored overnight. The first is set to launch this year at an offshore wind farm.
New EV battery material promises to quintuple electric car range
Researchers have developed a battery membrane made of recycled Kevlar fibers that may potentially double the range of electric vehicles and last 1,000 cycles.
Flying “AirCar” cleared for takeoff in the EU
The AirCar — a car-airplane hybrid vehicle with a 600+ mile range — is now officially “airworthy” in the European Union.
freight trains
Former SpaceX engineers to turn freight trains into autonomous EVs
Three former SpaceX engineers have launched a startup to replace traditional freight trains with autonomous, battery-powered railcars.
delivery robots
Delivery robots get airbags to protect you in case of collision
Autonomous vehicle maker Nuro has added external airbags to its autonomous delivery robots to protect pedestrians.
flying car
See a futuristic flying car’s first untethered flight
A prototype of a futuristic flying car developed by Bellwether Industries has completed its first untethered test flights.
rock salt alternative
Cities are using beets to deice streets this winter
Cities across the U.S. are exploring less damaging rock salt alternatives — and beet juice is one of the most promising.
airless tires
Goodyear puts airless tires on Starship delivery robots
Goodyear’s airless tires are now being used by a fleet of Starship's autonomous delivery robots on a college campus in the U.S.
Paris Olympics will ignite the future of electric flying taxis
France will soon begin testing electric air taxis at a hub outside of Paris, with plans to have dedicated flying taxi routes ready in time for the Olympic Games.
traffic light pole
Falling traffic lights can kill. One tweak could save lives.
An impact-absorbing traffic light pole could save the lives of drivers and pedestrians, while also cutting repair and replacement costs.
Goodbye, rubber. These new steel tires last a lifetime.
An Arizona-based startup called Global Air Cylinder Wheels (GACW) invented a steel tire that eliminates the need for polluting rubber tires.
Is this one-seat flying saucer the future of flight?
Startup ZEVA Aero’s vision for the future of eVTOLs is a one-person flying saucer-shaped vehicle that travels 160 miles per hour.
Celera 500L
Bullet-shaped plane promises to slash air travel costs
Otto Aviation has finished phase 1 flight testing of its Celera 500L, a highly efficient airplane that could cut the cost of air travel.
Superchargers are no longer just for Teslas
Non-Tesla EVs can now use a select number of Tesla Superchargers — and the goal is to expand that access to the entire Supercharger network.
flying cars
You can now buy a flying car for $92,000
More than 150 companies are developing flying cars. Here's why they're aren't yet off the ground and darting across city skies.
Here’s what is really going wrong at our ports — and one simple, fast solution
There's a myriad of disruptions along the entire chain. Solving this crisis before the global economy spins out of control is going to take many different and innovative approaches.
autonomous train
Germany unveils first-of-its-kind autonomous train
A new system that turns a standard electric metro train into a more efficient, higher-capacity autonomous train has debuted in Germany.
Series | Make It Count
Artificial photosynthesis turns CO2 into sustainable fuel
A greener future by 2035 is in arm's reach with this new tech decarbonizing the transportation industry.
Electric school buses: good for the planet, better for kids
School bus electrification is on the rise and heading toward a national fleet of people-movers that is healthier all around.
ev charging station
New EV charging station quickly powers four vehicles at once
Swiss tech company ABB has unveiled a new EV charging station that can quickly power four vehicles at once.
flying taxi
Why NASA is testing an electric flying taxi
NASA is spending two weeks listening to Joby Aviation’s flying taxi as part of a campaign to integrate eVTOL vehicles into U.S. airspace.
e-bike subscription
Don’t want to buy an e-bike? Subscribe to one.
German startup Dance's e-bike subscription service gives people a chance to enjoy the benefits of the bikes without the hassles.
help afghans
Your airline miles can help Afghans escape the Taliban
To help Afghans escape the Taliban, people have donated millions of airline miles to a nonprofit that secures flights for refugees.
sodium-ion battery
The world’s first sodium-ion battery for EVs has arrived
The world’s biggest battery maker for EVs is now manufacturing a sodium-ion battery that could help end the industry’s dependence on lithium.
road safety
Cyclists’ stress levels could improve road safety
To improve road safety, a new study suggests we measure cyclists’ stress levels as they navigate city streets to identify dangerous areas.
drunk driving deaths
Uber may reduce drunk driving deaths by 6%
Uber is reducing drunk driving deaths by more than 6%, according to a new analysis, suggesting that ridesharing is making streets safer.
autonomous shuttle
Toyota’s autonomous shuttle is optimized for Olympians
Tokyo Olympians are riding around the Olympic Village in Toyota’s e-Palette, an autonomous shuttle designed with their needs in mind.
airlines preorder flying taxis
Major airlines preorder hundreds of flying taxis
Several major airlines have preordered Vertical Aerospace’s in-development flying taxis, suggesting the industry views eVTOLs as the future of urban mobility.
mass transit evtol
Can a 40-seat drone bus get off the ground?
Startup Kelekona is developing an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle capable of carrying 40 passengers at once.
supersonic jets
United will buy 15 supersonic jets
United Airlines has agreed to buy 15 supersonic jets from Boom Supersonic, with plans to begin commercial flights before the end of the decade.
electric truck
Ford unveils its first electric pickup truck
Ford’s first electric truck, the F-150 Lightning, has the potential to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles in the U.S.
solid-state lithium battery
New solid-state lithium battery can be recharged 10,000 times
Harvard University researchers have developed a solid-state lithium battery they believe could allow electric vehicles to last 10 to 15 years.
Transloc is using big data to create a more efficient public transit system
Cities across the U.S. are creating on-demand van transportation systems that work like Uber, but for the cost of a bus fare.
traffic lights
Traffic: This 100-year failure is getting a solution
These smart traffic lights are making transportation safer and more sustainable than ever before.
laser communication
Airbus will test laser communication tech for inflight WiFi
Airbus is developing a laser communication system to increase the security of military operations and bring faster inflight Wi-Fi to passenger planes.
airless bike tires
Airless bike tires made of space-age metal never go flat
In 2022, a startup will begin selling airless bike tires that never go flat because they’re made out of a special NASA-developed metal alloy.
lithium metal battery
A battery revolution could make electric cars a reality for everyone
We'll need a new type of battery to make electric cars cheaper and convenient.
transportation equity
The future of cities starts with transportation equity
People in low-income areas have a harder time accessing jobs, schools, and health care. How can we make public transit more equitable?
Starlink Satellite Internet
SpaceX targets moving vehicles with Starlink satellite internet
SpaceX has asked the FCC for permission to attach terminals for its Starlink satellite internet to larger vehicles, such as trucks, airplanes, and boats.
solar car
This mass-produced solar car costs just $25,900
The Aptera solar car is expected to hit roads in 2021, but even if it's not the next big thing in transportation, its design elements could be.
Autonomous trucks
Autonomous trucks are taking to the highways
Self-driving cars get all the love, but autonomous trucks are already hitting the road, with a “driver-out” demonstration scheduled for 2021.
3d printed cars
The next car you purchase could include 3D printed parts
Automakers are relying more heavily on 3D printing, and for drivers, that means more customization options.
travel for the disabled
Smartphone app gives independent travel to the disabled
A new smartphone app unlocks independent travel for people with intellectual disabilities.
Future of cars
Digital car windows could make your city safer
What if parked cars didn’t just take up space? Ford is designing the future of cars, starting with the purpose they serve when nobody’s driving.
virgin hyperloop pod
Experimental hyperloop pod transports passengers for first time
Virgin Hyperloop has transported two passengers in a hyperloop pod, a milestone in the development of the high-speed transportation system.
smart transportation
Can a connected city stop car crashes?
One of the largest automotive makers in the world is ushering in the future of mobility, using AI and machine learning to help cities prevent traffic collisions and build smart transportation systems.
driverless cars
Waymo's driverless car service opens to the public
Waymo One has relaunched, and this time, all users can ride in cars without safety drivers.
electric garbage trucks
Electric garbage trucks are (quietly) coming
With Mack Truck’s electric garbage trucks set to be delivered in 2021, your mornings may be getting quieter soon.
supersonic jet
Is supersonic flight about to boom?
This cost-efficient and environmentally-conscious supersonic jet could become the commercial airliner of the future.
Hydrogen Fuel
Passenger plane powered by hydrogen fuel makes maiden flight
California’s ZeroAvia has flown the first “commercial-grade” plane powered by hydrogen fuel, potentially foreshadowing the sustainable future of air travel.
smart Traffic Lights
Smart traffic lights ease congestion on city streets
Smart traffic lights by startup NoTraffic use AI to improve the flow of traffic in cities, minimizing carbon emissions and delays for first responders.
Is It Safe to Fly
Is it safe to fly right now? MIT expert weighs in.
Is it safe to fly right now? An MIT professor calculated the risk of air travel during the pandemic in two different flight scenarios.
Distracted Driving
“Touchless touchscreen” could reduce distracted driving
New “predictive touch” tech could help prevent distracted driving by limiting the amount of time drivers spend interacting with vehicle displays.