What’s next for COVID-19 drugs?
Paxlovid may have underperformed in a new trial, but other promising COVID-19 drugs are being authorized or in the works.
New antiviral shortens COVID-19 by 1.5 days
People taking simnotrelvir, a new antiviral treatment for COVID-19, felt almost immediate symptom relief and got better 1.5 days faster.
World’s first “self-amplifying” vaccine approved in Japan
The approval of the first saRNA vaccine could signal a new era in how we prevent and treat everything from infections to cancer.
HIV drug shows promise against COVID-19 and MERS
Based on promising lab tests, the HIV drug cobicistat could be an effective antiviral treatment for COVID-19.
How AI played an instrumental role in making mRNA vaccines
Years before Moderna created an effective mRNA vaccine against COVID, the company put into place AI systems to accelerate the research process.
Where are the universal coronavirus vaccines?
Universal coronavirus vaccines that protect against all known variants of COVID-19 — and ones that don't exist yet — are closer than ever.
Here’s what’s new in the latest COVID-19 boosters
The FDA has approved new COVID-19 boosters from Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech. Here’s what you need to know about the shots.
Got COVID but felt fine? It may be your genes.
A person’s chances of having asymptomatic COVID are dramatically increased if they possess a certain genetic mutation.
Cheap drug appears to cut long COVID risk by 41% in small study
The diabetes drug metformin cut COVID-19 patients’ risk of later developing long COVID by 41% in a small study.
Nasal COVID-19 vaccine outperforms mRNA shots in new study
A live attenuated vaccine for COVID-19 that delivered via a nasal spray outperformed several shots in a preclinical study.
Viruses cause 200+ diseases. This one drug may be able to treat them all.
New Zealand-based startup Kimer Med wants to create an antiviral that would be effective against many known viruses — and unknown.
Inhaling this powder shields lungs from infection
An inhalable powder that acts as an “invisible mask” for the lungs could potentially help end the COVID-19 pandemic.
Yale researchers have found a way to spot new viruses
By screening negative nasal swabs for a specific antiviral protein, a Yale team believes we may be able to find hidden viruses before they emerge.
First-of-its-kind nasal vaccine for COVID-19 deployed in India
India has begun deploying a nasal vaccine for COVID-19 that may be able to prevent infections, not just limit their severity.
New mRNA vaccine factory is made from shipping containers
BioNTech is sending a modular mRNA vaccine factory that can produce 50 million COVID-19 vaccines annually to Africa.
Cheap liver drug can prevent COVID-19
A cheap, readily available drug used to treat liver disease could also prevent COVID-19 infections — regardless of the variant.
How to fight Covid with light
Some wavelengths of light in a range called far-UVC kill microbes in experiments and appear to be harmless to people.
Yale’s new nasal vaccine can boost an mRNA shot
A nasal vaccine delivered as a booster to mRNA shots might offer better protection against COVID-19 and help stop the virus from spreading.
I’ve had COVID and am constantly getting colds. Did COVID harm my immune system?
Does COVID somehow weaken the immune system to make us more prone to other infectious diseases? Here's what scientists know.
Long COVID: Self-targeted immune attacks may lurk behind it
Researchers are working to get a more complete understanding of the cells and antibodies behind long COVID.
Newly discovered antibody neutralizes all variants of the coronavirus 
Using modified mouse models originally designed for HIV, researchers have discovered an antibody that stops all known strains of COVID-19.
FDA authorizes updated COVID-19 boosters
The FDA has authorized Pfizer-BioNTech’s and Moderna’s updated COVID-19 boosters, which target the now-dominant Omicron subvariants.
Researchers may have created a universal coronavirus vaccine
All currently licensed COVID-19 vaccines target the spike protein’s S1 region, which is prone to mutations. We need a universal vaccine.
MIT just created a test that can tell if you’re immune to COVID-19
MIT researchers have developed an easy-to-use test that may be able to predict an individual’s immune response to SARS-CoV-2.
Yale study finds low levels of a hormone may predict long COVID 
Yale and Icahn School of Medicine researchers may have found biomarkers for identifying long COVID.
Long COVID-19 and chronic conditions after viral infections may stem from an overactive immune response
Understanding the immunological mechanisms underlying long COVID-19 is the first step to addressing a quickly worsening public health problem.
A cheap nasal spray cuts COVID-19 risk by 62%
A low-cost nasal spray co-developed by Oxford researchers could be the next powerful weapon against COVID-19.
Nasal COVID-19 vaccines prepare for infection right where it starts – in your nose and throat
Intranasal vaccines are best suited to protect against pathogens that enter through the nose, like the flu or the coronavirus.
FDA authorizes new COVID-19 vaccine — and it’s not like the others
The FDA has issued an emergency use authorization for biotech company Novavax’s protein-based COVID-19 vaccine.
We may want to rethink how we deliver COVID-19 vaccines
An inhaled vaccine outperformed a nasal spray in an animal study, suggesting that the delivery method could deserve more attention.
New test tells you how many T cells for COVID-19 you have
A new blood test that measures a key indicator of COVID-19 immunity could help you assess your risk of a coronavirus infection.
Handheld antibody tester could reveal if you’re immune to COVID
Hong Kong researchers have developed a handheld COVID antibody testing device more capable than current home tests.
The US Civil War drastically reshaped how Americans deal with death – will the pandemic?
How do American's attitudes towards death change when they are confronted with such enormous losses?
Nanoparticles are the future of medicine
The success of some drugs that use nanoparticles, such as the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, has prompted excitement among researchers.
Will new vaccines be better at fighting coronavirus variants?
New virus-based vaccines could play an important role in generating a long-lasting, broad immunity against a rapidly mutating virus.
Moderna expects to have Omicron booster ready by Fall 2022
Moderna expects to have an Omicron booster that combines its original COVID-19 vaccine with one targeting the variant ready by Fall 2022.
Moderna applies for approval of COVID-19 vaccine for children
Moderna has asked the FDA to authorize its COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 6 months through 5 years.
America’s “Test to Treat” has failed. Here’s how to fix it.
So far, Test to Treat has largely failed to get antivirals for COVID-19 to patients that need them — but the initiative can still be fixed.
WeChat users try to keep Shanghai lockdown protest video ahead of censors 
WeChat users have turned to all manner of tricks in a cat-and-mouse game with CCP censors to keep a video about the Shanghai lockdown online.
Strange treatment may restore sense of smell after COVID
Philadelphia doctors are treating COVID patient’s loss of smell with plasma-soaked sponges. But whether it is working or not still needs to be sniffed out.
New UV light safely kills 98% of airborne pathogens indoors
Far-UVC light — a type of ultraviolet light that isn’t harmful to human health — killed 98% of airborne microbes indoors in a new study.
Vaccine used to treat COVID-19 for first time
A man whose persistent coronavirus infection kept him isolated for 7 months finally tested negative after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.
One shot of this COVID-19 drug reduces risk of death by ​​60%
In-development COVID-19 drug Peginterferon Lambda reduced risk of hospitalization or lengthy emergency room visits by 50% in a phase 3 trial.
China’s COVID-19 cases surge, with low elderly vaccination rates
China’s “zero-COVID” policies may be contributing to a surge of cases that has forced 50 million people into lockdown.
New antibody treatment against Omicron gets emergency approval
A new monoclonal antibody treatment effective against Omicron has received emergency authorization weeks after two others were banned.
Inhaled vaccine for coronavirus moves to human trials
An inhaled vaccine now moving into human trials could protect people from more than just the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.
You can finally order free COVID-19 tests online
Every American household can now request four free COVID-19 tests from the U.S. government using a newly launched website.
Researchers are testing neural stimulation as a long COVID treatment
Small pilot trials of two different types of external electrical brain stimulation suggest the technique may work as a long COVID treatment.
India authorizes “world’s COVID-19 vaccine,” created in Texas
India has just become the first nation to authorize a cheap and easy to manufacture new COVID-19 vaccine called Corbevax.
How can Moderna and Pfizer adjust vaccines for omicron? A microbiologist answers 5 questions
If the omicron variant of the coronavirus is different enough from the original variant, existing vaccines might not be as effective.
Needle-free COVID-19 vaccine is in human trials
A needle-free COVID-19 vaccine now in human trials could protect us against both this disease and future coronavirus outbreaks.
This chewing gum traps the coronavirus
A new chewing gum may help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by neutralizing the virus before it can leave an infected person’s mouth.
Is Omicron the COVID variant we have been waiting for?
There is no rule that will force Omicron or another COVID variant to become less deadly over time, but there is reason for hope.
How the new coronavirus variant was found and what we know so far
Omicron is a new 'variant of concern' but there's still so much about it that we don't know.
Deal brings COVID-19 vaccines into conflict zones
The U.S. has brokered a deal between Johnson & Johnson and the COVAX initiative to get COVID-19 vaccines to people in conflict zones.
Pfizer’s antiviral pill cuts COVID-19 hospitalization, death by 89%
Pfizer’s antiviral pill to treat COVID-19 cut the risk of hospitalization or death by 89%, according to early results from a phase 2/3 trial.
Merck is making its COVID-19 antiviral pill more affordable to low-income countries
Drug maker Merck has agreed to license a promising antiviral pill to treat COVID-19 to low- and middle-income countries for free.
You can now mix and match COVID-19 booster shots
Americans eligible for COVID-19 booster shots no longer need to stick to one brand. Here’s why that’s a big deal.
FDA panel recommends COVID-19 vaccine for 5 to 11 year olds (Updated)
An FDA panel voted to authorize Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11. Here’s what you need to know about it.
Ear sensor can monitor COVID-19 patients remotely
An ear sensor successfully alerted doctors to signs that COVID-19 patients isolating at home were getting worse and should be hospitalized.
Pill to treat COVID-19 cuts risk of hospitalization or death in half
A pill to treat COVID-19 that cut hospitalizations and deaths in half could become the first oral medication against the disease.
Antiviral reduces COVID-19 hospitalizations by 87%
The FDA-approved antiviral drug remdesivir prevents high-risk people from ending up in the hospital, if given early.
FDA approves COVID-19 boosters for seniors, high-risk groups (Updated)
The FDA has expanded its authorization of COVID-19 boosters of Pfizer’s vaccine to include seniors and people in high-risk populations.
Pfizer says its COVID-19 vaccine works in kids
New trial results suggest Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine works in kids between the ages of 5 and 11, safely triggering a robust antibody response.
Moderna’s new vaccine targets COVID-19, the flu, and RSV
Moderna is developing a combination vaccine to protect against COVID-19, seasonal influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus.
Study: COVID-19 booster shots dramatically reduce infection risk
A large COVID-19 booster shot study in Israel found that a third dose significantly increased seniors’ protection against the coronavirus.
UK researchers are growing the Delta variant for human challenge trials
Responding to the variant’s rise, UK researchers are growing the Delta variant for trials.
One antibody stops all strains of COVID-19 from infecting cells 
A newly discovered antibody can neutralize all strains of COVID-19 and every other sarbecovirus known to infect humans.
Antibody cocktail highly effective at preventing COVID-19
An antibody cocktail developed by biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca was highly effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 infections.
India’s DNA vaccine for COVID-19 gets emergency approval
India has granted emergency approval to the world's first DNA vaccine for COVID-19.
Pfizer’s shot is the first FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine
Pfizer’s shot has become the first FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine, making the transition from emergency use authorization on August 23.
Beyond Sunday Service: How one Montgomery church is bringing health equity to their community
In partnership with Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
A grassroots approach to vaccine education is happening in the heart of the civil rights movement in Alabama. Does this church hold the key to overcoming medical mistrust?
New treatment may prevent heart damage from COVID-19
An experimental drug that stopped the coronavirus from entering cells in heart organoids may be able to prevent heart damage from COVID-19.
Pfizer has manufactured the first batch of Delta variant vaccines
Pharma giant Pfizer has already developed and manufactured ingredients for a COVID-19 vaccine targeting the highly contagious Delta variant.
New vaccines may use AI to hit a moving target
Can AI create vaccines that work against mutations that haven't happened yet, groups of viruses, and virus too tricky to currently stop?
Door-to-door vaccination campaign reaches the most vulnerable
In partnership with Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
An equitable door-to-door vaccination campaign might be just what it takes to help the U.S.’s most vulnerable communities fight COVID-19.
CRISPR halts coronavirus transmission in human cells
A new CRISPR treatment that halted coronavirus transmission in human cells could be the easy-to-distribute COVID-19 drug the world needs.
“LEGO-like” vaccine protects mice from COVID, SARS, MERS, and variants
Using a “chimeric” spike protein, researchers have immunized mice against multiple types of coronaviruses with one shot.
Moderna COVID-19 vaccine 2.0: Lower dose, fewer side effects
Any revised version of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine will likely include a smaller dose, reducing side effects and increasing the supply of shots.
Mass vaccination experiment was a huge success in Brazil
A mass vaccination experiment in Brazil suggests that even a moderately effective vaccine can have a dramatic effect if enough people get the shot.
Inhaled nanobodies treat COVID-19 in hamsters
An inhaled nanobody treatment for COVID-19 has shown promise in animal tests and could be a more affordable alternative to monoclonal antibody drugs.
One-minute COVID-19 breath test authorized in Singapore
Singapore has provisionally authorized a COVID-19 breath test that measures VOCs to deliver accurate results in just one minute.
Inhaled CRISPR treatment tackles COVID-19, flu
An inhaled CRISPR treatment can be easily tweaked to attack a variety of viruses, from the one that causes the flu to the coronavirus behind COVID-19.
Predicting your protection against COVID-19
Australian researchers have found an immune response measurement they believe can predict protection against COVID-19.
Ohio announces $1M vaccine lottery, shots surge 33%
Ohio’s vaccine lottery, which will give five vaccinated residents $1 million each, appears to have sparked the desired increase in new vaccinations.
What it’s like to do a human challenge trial
Human challenge trials are risky, but they could help us avoid another prolonged pandemic.
Your incentives to get the COVID-19 vaccine
If protection against a potentially deadly virus isn’t enough, there are these added incentives to get the COVID-19 vaccine.
These "Nanotraps" can capture SARS-CoV-2
Inspired by cancer cells, researchers have developed “Nanotraps” which lock up SARS-CoV-2 for the immune system to kill it.
How will movie theaters survive post-pandemic?
Chicago musician Chance the Rapper is releasing his new concert film, “Magnificent Coloring World,” exclusively through AMC Theatres.
Pfizer is testing a coronavirus antiviral
Pfizer is testing a new coronavirus antiviral that has stopped SARs-CoV-2 from replicating in the lab in humans.
Would you spray this DIY COVID-19 vaccine up your nose?
Makers of a DIY COVID-19 vaccine are talking to governments about launching human challenge trials to quickly and cheaply find out if the vaccine is effective.
Oxford launches COVID reinfection study
To try and understand the immune response to SARS-CoV-2, including the threat of COVID reinfection, the University of Oxford will purposely infect volunteers.
All adults in the US are now eligible for COVID-19 vaccines
In the U.S., anyone over the age of 16 is now eligible for COVID-19 vaccines — a major milestone along the path to herd immunity.
Inhaled asthma drug accelerates COVID-19 recovery at home
Budesonide — a cheap, inhaled asthma drug that can be self-administered — appears to shorten at-risk COVID-19 patients’ recovery times.
Hologram pizzeria brings virtual happy hour to a new level
Virgin Media’s hologram dining experience, Two Hearts Pizzeria, let people feel like they were sharing a meal with loved ones located in another city.
Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine 100% effective in adolescent study
Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine was reportedly 100% effective in a trial involving more than 2,000 adolescents between the ages of 12 and 15.
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Research grants, the silicon valley way
In partnership with Stand Together
What if there was a way to fast-forward innovation? An economist and tech billionaire recently joined forces to make research grants available within 14 days.
A common virus may be the key to a COVID vaccine for young children
Researchers have reverse-engineered a common children’s virus to show the spike protein, potentially leading to a new COVID vaccine for young children.
DoorDash is now offering COVID-19 test delivery
DoorDash is now offering COVID-19 test delivery in 12 cities, bringing at-home COVID-19 test kits to people the same day they’re ordered.
A plant-based COVID vaccine is going into arms
A COVID-19 vaccine grown in plants is beginning phase 3 clinical trials.