Johnson and Johnson's coronavirus vaccine
Johnson and Johnson's coronavirus vaccine is 66% effective
Data from phase 3 trials of Johnson and Johnson's coronavirus vaccine suggests the vaccine is ready to go to the FDA for approval.
COVID-19 Vaccine Booster
Moderna COVID-19 vaccine booster targets mutant strain
Moderna is trialing a COVID-19 vaccine booster designed to increase protection against a South African strain of the coronavirus.
COVID-19 immunity
Vaccines and recovery both provide strong COVID-19 immunity
Natural COVID-19 immunity — the kind coronavirus survivors have — is about as robust as the immunity prompted by vaccines.
mRNA Vaccine for HIV
Moderna is developing an mRNA vaccine for HIV
Moderna is using the same technology behind its COVID-19 vaccine to develop an mRNA vaccine for HIV.
mrna vaccines
Beyond COVID: mRNA vaccines may treat cancer and more
The technology used to make the COVID-19 vaccine could be used to treat other diseases too.
Designer Face Masks
New mask design from Beats by Dre designer
The designer of the original Beats by Dre headphones is working on a next-generation face mask that combines fashion and functionality.
second doses of covid-19 vaccine
Should we delay the second doses of COVID-19 vaccines?
As vaccination campaigns begin, researchers are divided over whether the two-dose strategy should be delayed to get more people’s first dose done quicker.
smart vaccine device
Smart vaccine device could speed up development process
An in-development smart vaccine device uses a microneedle patch to both deliver a vaccine and measure the immune response it generates.
stem cell treatment for covid-19
New COVID-19 treatment uses stem cells
Umbilical cord stem cells may provide life-saving care for people with a serious case of coronavirus.
coronavirus mutation
The new coronavirus mutation: What we know & what we need to figure out
A new coronavirus mutation is spreading quickly in the U.K. Here’s what we know about the coronavirus strain and what we need to figure out.
Tobacco-Based COVID-19 Vaccine
Tobacco-based COVID-19 vaccine moves to human trials
British American Tobacco has FDA approval to begin human trials on a tobacco-based COVID-19 vaccine that could potentially be stored at room temperature.
questions about the COVID-19 vaccine
Your questions about the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine answered
If you have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine approved for use in the U.S., this is your place to find answers.
Over-the-Counter COVID-19 Test
FDA authorizes first over-the-counter COVID-19 test
The FDA has authorized the first over-the-counter COVID-19 test for home use, but buyers still have to send their samples to a lab for processing.
warm covid-19 vaccine
The quest for a “warm” COVID-19 vaccine
Developers are on the hunt for a warm COVID-19 vaccine, one that could be distributed in places where a reliable cold chain isn’t available.
vaccine cold chain
Congo just used vaccines to beat Ebola. What they learned could stop COVID, too.
Congo’s recent success delivering frigid Ebola vaccines to remote areas may provide invaluable experience for a COVID-19 vaccine cold chain.
main protease
The hep C cure may also fight COVID-19
SARS-CoV-2 uses a number of key proteins to infect us, including its main protease. New research has found hepatitis C drugs can bind this protein.
When Will We Have a COVID-19 Vaccine
When will we have a COVID-19 vaccine?
Several developers have reported incredible coronavirus vaccine progress, so when will we have a COVID-19 vaccine ready for distribution?
Oxford's COVID-19 vaccine
Oxford says its COVID-19 vaccine is up to 90% effective
The University of Oxford's COVID-19 vaccine was up to 90% effective in a phase 3 trial and could be easier to distribute than other coronavirus vaccines.
coronavirus immunity
How long will coronavirus immunity last?
Coronavirus immunity might last for years, according to a new study that measured the levels of virus-fighting immune cells in COVID-19 survivors.
skin cancer vaccine
New skin cancer vaccine is twice as powerful
By adding two “boosters” to an in-development skin cancer vaccine, scientists may have improved its ability to prevent melanoma recurrence.
at-home COVID-19 test
FDA authorizes first at-home COVID-19 test
The FDA has authorized an at-home COVID-19 test that delivers results in 30 minutes, but you can’t get it without a prescription.
moderna's coronavirus vaccine
Trial suggests Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective
Another win for mRNA vaccines: Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine appears to be 94.5% effective at preventing COVID-19, according to initial trial data.
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine appears 95% effective (updated)
The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine appears to be 95% effective at preventing coronavirus infections, according to an early analysis of a Phase 3 trial.
COVID-19 blood clots
"Autoantibodies" may be causing COVID-19 blood clots
COVID-19 blood clots may be caused by autoantibodies, which attack the body’s own tissues and organs instead of intruders.
COVID-19 this winter
What’s going to happen with COVID-19 this winter?
There may be an increase in cases of COVID-19 this winter as people move indoors, but there are actions we can take to prevent it.
covid concert study
German concert experiment suggests large indoor events can be safe
A German concert study has found that hygiene standards, mandatory masks, and ventilation may allow for indoor events.
Asymptomatic COVID-19 Infections
Cough-analyzing AI detects asymptomatic COVID-19 infections
MIT has developed an AI that can detect asymptomatic COVID-19 infections from the sound of a person’s forced-cough with incredible accuracy.
halloween during COVID-19
How to safely celebrate Halloween during COVID-19
People celebrated Halloween during the 1918 flu pandemic and you can still celebrate Halloween during COVID-19 — just maybe not the way you usually do.
flu vaccines prevent covid-19
Can flu vaccines prevent COVID-19?
Researchers suspect that flu shots could prevent coronavirus infections, giving people yet another reason to get vaccinated.
disease surveillance
A pandemic surveillance system for the planet
COVID-19 won’t be the last virus to threaten the global population, but new disease surveillance tech could catch the next outbreak before it even starts.
human challenge trial for COVID-19
UK to launch first human challenge trial for COVID-19
The U.K. is funding a $44 million human challenge trial for COVID-19 during which healthy volunteers will be deliberately exposed to the coronavirus.
Robot Cook
Robot cook could help restaurants recover from COVID-19
Miso Robotics is making Flippy ROAR available for $30,000 in the hopes the robot cook will help the restaurant industry recover from the pandemic.
Hearing Loss From COVID-19
Patients report sudden hearing loss from COVID-19
Patients are experiencing sudden hearing loss from COVID-19, but if caught early enough, doctors can prevent the problem from becoming permanent.
Coronavirus Can Survive on Surfaces
The coronavirus can survive on surfaces for 28 days
The coronavirus can survive on surfaces, including money, for up to 28 days. But does that change what you need to do to avoid catching COVID-19?
ghost kitchens
Ghost kitchens are saving restaurants during the pandemic
Ghost kitchens are thriving during the pandemic, as more restaurants rely on online delivery orders for their income.
post-covid-19 clinics
Post-COVID-19 clinics offer hope to coronavirus survivors
Post-COVID-19 clinics are helping coronavirus survivors cope with lingering symptoms while helping researchers better understand the disease.
compare covid-19 vaccines
Comparing COVID-19 vaccines just got way easier
A newly formed network of labs will make it easier to compare COVID-19 vaccines by testing them all in exactly the same way, using the exact same supplies.
Pain Relief From Coronavirus
Pain relief from coronavirus may be helping it spread
Rather than feeling sick, some people may be getting pain relief from coronavirus — a discovery that could impact both the pandemic and the opioid epidemic.
disinfecting drones
Disinfecting drones to spray stadium after NFL games
Are the disinfecting drones set to fly over Mercedes-Benz Stadium after Atlanta Falcons games useful or just another example of hygiene theater?
Coronavirus Nasal Spray Vaccine
Coronavirus nasal spray vaccine nears human trials
A nasal spray vaccine for COVID-19 that contains a live coronavirus genetically engineered to replicate more slowly is nearing human trials.
children and covid-19
Yale study: asthma and allergies may actually protect children from severe COVID-19
The interplay of asthma, children, and COVID-19 is complex. A new study suggests that kids' asthma immune response may help protect against COVID-19.
early Detection of COVID-19
U.S. troops test wearables for early detection of COVID-19
The Department of Defense wants to use wearable sensors, Dutch AI, and thousands of personnel to develop markers for early detection of COVID-19.
Dogs That Can Smell Coronavirus
Dogs that can smell coronavirus screen travelers at airport
Detection dogs that can smell coronavirus in a person’s sweat are now screening travelers for COVID-19 at Helsinki Airport.
fine dining drive thru
Truffle pomme fondue sound tasty? Visit this fine-dining drive-thru.
The Resy Drive-Thru could help the restaurant industry survive the pandemic by serving as a creative new revenue stream for fine-dining chefs.
Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 Vaccine
Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine reaches final trial stage
Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine isn’t the first to reach the final human trial stage, but it may have several advantages over its predecessors.
antibody inhaler
“Antibody inhaler” could rapidly treat—and prevent—COVID-19
Scientists have discovered a new antibody therapy that can be inhaled to provide treatment and temporary immunity to the coronavirus.
horse antibodies for covid 19
Antivenom scientists are using horse antibodies for COVID-19
In Costa Rica, horse antibodies for COVID-19 are about to enter human trials.
coronavirus breathalyzer
Scientists are developing a coronavirus breathalyzer test
Fast, accurate, cheap, and easy to use, a coronavirus breathalyzer could be a game changer — and multiple research teams are racing to get them approved.
Researchers found tiny COVID-19 antibodies in an alpaca
Inside an alpaca’s blood, researchers have found tiny antibodies — nanobodies — that may lead to future antiviral medications.
COVID-19 Reinfection
What we know about COVID-19 reinfection so far
Researchers have reported four cases of COVID-19 reinfection, with patients recovering from the coronavirus and later testing positive for another strain.
COVID-19 Drug Development
Robots are running COVID-19 drug development
IBM’s new online platform, RoboRXN, combines artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and robotics to automate the COVID-19 drug development process.
COVID-19 Immune Response
A patient’s sex may affect their COVID-19 immune response
Key differences in the COVID-19 immune response of men and women could potentially explain a disparity in patient outcomes.
social distancing
The social distancing traffic light
Assessing your COVID-19 risk for everyday activities will be key to some kind of normalcy. Now, researchers want to add nuance to social distancing.
$5 COVID-19 Test
$5 COVID-19 test could be a game changer in the US
Abbott Laboratories’ $5 COVID-19 test has secured an FDA authorization, meaning the U.S. now has access to a fast, accurate antigen test.
covid 19 loss of smell symptom
Why COVID-19 patients lose their sense of smell
Researchers have identified cells that are most susceptible to the novel coronavirus. They also support neurons associated with the sense of smell.
Can the common cold help battle COVID-19?
The common cold can be caused by a coronavirus. New research suggests the immune response it causes may help protect against COVID-19.
Who should get the COVID-19 vaccine first?
The COVID-19 vaccine will likely be rationed. Who will be first on the list to receive it?
COVID-19 Saliva Test
Open-source COVID-19 saliva test could be a game changer
SalivaDirect, a COVID-19 saliva test funded by the NBA and NBA players’ union, could be the cheap, accurate testing method the U.S. desperately needs.
COVID-19 Treatment
Immune proteins show promise as COVID-19 treatment
Immune proteins called interferons appear useful as a COVID-19 treatment if given to patients before an infection becomes severe.
Good news, bad news, and reasons to be optimistic about COVID-19
Much has evolved since the earliest predictions about COVID-19. Here's how the data is updating our view on the coronavirus.
$3 Coronavirus Vaccine
Gates Foundation backs a $3 coronavirus vaccine
The Gates Foundation is spending $150 million to help with the manufacturing and distribution of a $3 coronavirus vaccine in lower-income nations.
Is It Safe to Fly
Is it safe to fly right now? MIT expert weighs in.
Is it safe to fly right now? An MIT professor calculated the risk of air travel during the pandemic in two different flight scenarios.
Designer Antibodies
Designer antibodies could help treat and prevent COVID-19
A pair of new trials will test the ability of designer antibodies to not only treat COVID-19, but also potentially prevent coronavirus infections.
ppe supply chain
How thread became critical in a pandemic
Tech giants have teamed up to help innovate the PPE supply chain and lessen the risk of future shortages, starting with the world's leading thread supplier.
Coronavirus Vaccine List
Updated coronavirus vaccine list: Where we stand today
A regularly updated coronavirus vaccine list highlighting the candidates closest to receiving approval from regulators.
severe cases of covid-19
Immune signals may predict severe cases of COVID-19
Severe cases of COVID-19 involve a runaway immune response called a cytokine storm. Immune system “signatures” may sharpen doctor’s forecasts.
organ chips
Human-like "organ chips" could eliminate animal studies
To rapidly test for COVID-19 treatments without animal studies, researchers make a model human body out of “organ chips.”
Coronavirus treatment update
Coronavirus treatment update: Where we stand today
Our latest coronavirus treatment update highlights the options that appear to work, ones that might, and ones that failed to live up to their promise.
DIY Coronavirus Vaccine
Scientists test DIY coronavirus vaccine on themselves
Scientists have developed a DIY coronavirus vaccine they think could provide protection against COVID-19 — and they’re testing it on themselves.
covid-19 tests
COVID-19 tests that are fast, cheap, and less accurate may be key
Fast, cheap, DIY COVID-19 tests could dramatically increase the amount of testing done. And some experts think the trade off in accuracy would be worth it.
COVID-19 Transmission
Scientists organize concert to study COVID-19 transmission
To better understand the potential for COVID-19 transmission at live events, scientists are organizing a free concert by pop singer Tim Bendzko.
Coronavirus Drug
Inhaled coronavirus drug shows promise in small trial
An inhaled coronavirus drug containing interferon beta decreased patients’ chances of becoming severely ill by 79%, according to its creator.
outdoor classrooms
The case for teaching students outside this fall
Transitioning to outdoor classrooms this fall could help stem the spread of COVID-19 in schools and protect students, according to researchers.
Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine
Oxford COVID-19 vaccine triggers strong immune response
An Oxford COVID-19 vaccine triggered the creation of antibodies and T cells in trial participants, according to promising results published in The Lancet.
radiation therapy for covid-19
Doctors debate over using radiation therapy for COVID-19
Citing evidence from the past and recent, small trials, some doctors are calling for low-dose radiation therapy for COVID-19 patients. Controversy has followed.
nfl mouth shield
New NFL mouth shield could protect players from COVID-19
The NFL’s mouth shield is designed to stop respiratory droplets. But player’s reactions have been mixed.
COVID-19 Mortality Rates
How to explain falling COVID-19 mortality rates
COVID-19 mortality rates are dropping in the U.S. and other nations — a few theories explain why more people are surviving the coronavirus.
T Cells
"T cells" could provide immunity after antibodies fade
T cells that combat SARS-CoV-2 have been discovered in people who never had COVID-19, potentially putting natural herd immunity within our grasp.
treating covid 19
Bats may provide clues for treating COVID-19
Bats have long lives despite playing host to numerous viruses. Three scientists believe bats' immune systems may help develop new ways of treating COVID-19.
Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine
Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine produces more antibodies than infection
Two shots of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine produces more antibodies than a coronavirus infection, according to Phase 1 preliminary data.
Risk of Death from COVID-19
Study: Risk of death from COVID-19 is 45% lower on arthritis drug
The arthritis drug tocilizumab may lower ventilated patients' risk of death from COVID-19 by 45%, according to a retrospective study.
Prevent Coronavirus
Survivors’ plasma might prevent coronavirus infections
Injections of COVID-19 survivors' blood plasma might prevent coronavirus infections, making them a promising stopgap until a vaccine is ready.
Reusable N95 Mask
Engineers create reusable N95 mask out of rubber
With face masks still in demand, engineers unveil a new reusable N95 mask made of durable, easy-to-sterilize silicone rubber.
alternatives to nursing homes
Pandemic spurs search for alternatives to nursing homes
Senior living facilities have accounted for upwards of 40% of COVID-19 deaths in America. Is it time to look for alternatives to nursing homes?
Herd Immunity
Natural herd immunity to COVID-19 might be impossible
Coronavirus antibodies can disappear, according to a new study, potentially killing hopes that natural herd immunity will end the COVID-19 pandemic.
Coronavirus Affects the Brain
What we know about how the coronavirus affects the brain
Studies are finding that the coronavirus affects the brain as well as the lungs in some patients, causing delirium, strokes, and even fatal swelling.
ai models for diagnosing covid-19
Should we be using AI models for diagnosing COVID-19?
Researchers are training algorithms to help predict the severity of COVID-19. But is AI ready for COVID-19?
Air Filter for COVID-19
New air filter for COVID-19 could lower risk of being indoors
A new air filter for COVID-19 heats up to nearly 400 degrees Fahrenheit to kill the coronavirus in aerosols.
Is the Coronavirus Airborne
Is the coronavirus airborne, and does it matter?
Is the coronavirus airborne? More than 200 scientists have told the WHO that yes, it’s likely the coronavirus spreads through aerosols.
Which Type of Face Mask Is the Best
New images reveal which type of face mask is the best
To find out which type of face mask is the best, researchers rigged a mannequin’s head to a fog machine and then tested four masks on it.
Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine
Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine produces more antibodies than the disease itself
Early data shows Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine produces immunity as good as, or better than, recovery from the virus.
Flying During the Coronavirus Pandemic
A guide to flying during the coronavirus pandemic
Flying during the coronavirus pandemic can increase your infection risk, but if you can't avoid it, here’s how to do so as safely as possible.
repurposed vaccine
Can old vaccines be new weapons against COVID-19?
Well-established vaccines using weakened pathogens provide general immune benefits. Now researchers are proposing them to help fight COVID-19.
ventilator shortage
Ford factory workers rally to build ventilators for a nation in need
Ford Motor Company is putting its equipment and employees to work to counteract the extreme ventilator shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
pregnant women with covid-19
What are the risks for pregnant women with COVID-19?
Pregnant women have a lot to worry about, but is stressing over coronavirus worth it? Here's the latest research.
Reopening Schools
Reopening schools this fall could benefit children
Experts in favor of reopening schools as soon as possible argue that school closures could be hurting young people’s physical, mental, and social health.
masks for people with disabilities
This designer is making masks for people with disabilities
With special closures, see-through panels, and a riot of colors and patterns, designer Sky Cubacub is making face masks for people with disabilities.
long term health effects of covid 19
The long-term health effects of COVID-19
As their numbers swell, some survivors are reporting long-term health effects of COVID-19.
Choosing a Face Mask
Simple tips for choosing a face mask that works
To prevent the spread of COVID-19, face coverings are now mandatory in many states. Here’s what you need to know about choosing a face mask.
Who Is at High Risk for COVID-19
Who is at high risk for COVID-19? Experts weigh in.
Two COVID-19 risk factors are particularly likely to increase a patient’s chances of having a severe case, according to a new CDC report.