Fully self-driving cars are finally available on Uber
Uber has teamed up with robotaxi operator Waymo to make rides in fully autonomous cars available to its customers.
The grid isn’t ready for 300 million EVs by 2030. Here’s how to fix it.
There were 16.5 million electric vehicles on the world’s roads in 2020 - this is expected to rise to 300 million by 2030.
This $11,000 microcar ships flat like IKEA furniture
Swedish mobility startup Luvly has unveiled an ultra-efficient $11,000 microcar, Luvly O, for urban transportation.
We used to have steam-powered cars. What happened to them — and will they come back?
Steam cars went extinct because gas-powered cars became far more convenient. Will technology ever bring back the steam car?
United Airlines plans to bring flying cars to Chicago
United Airlines plans to use flying cars to ferry passengers between O’Hare International Airport and a location near downtown Chicago.
General Motors is putting ChatGPT into its vehicles
General Motors is developing a new voice assistant that will give drivers access to the hugely popular ChatGPT while they're on the road.
Tesla switches to motors without rare earth elements
Tesla’s future powertrains won’t contain rare earth elements, which are mined primarily in China using environmentally destructive methods.
5 things you didn’t know GPS could do
You’d be surprised at all the things that GPS — the global positioning system that underlies all of modern navigation — can do.
Mercedes-Benz wins race to bring Level 3 autonomous cars to US
Mercedes-Benz has permission to deploy its Level 3 autonomous driving system, DRIVE PILOT, in Nevada, and California could soon follow.
Kid-friendly superblocks are a way for residents to reclaim their streets
A superblock covers several neighbourhood blocks reserved for shared use by cyclists, walkers, and residents.
Stanford engineers warn that electric car charging could crash a grid powered by renewable energy 
Most electric car charging is done at night. A grid powered mostly by renewable energy might not be able to meet demand.
The surprising history of how electric vehicles have played the long game and won 
The electric vehicle’s environmental credentials might give them a final push to win the long game over traditional cars.
On the road to autonomous cars, driver fatigue will be a problem
New research from Waymo points the way to overcoming driver fatigue in cars that are almost — but not quite — self-driving.
Free Lyft robotaxis are hitting Las Vegas 
Motional and Lyft are now offering robotaxi rides in Las Vegas.
MIT’s new algorithm for self-driving cars is open-source 
MIT scientists unveil the first open-source simulation engine capable of constructing realistic environments for autonomous vehicles.
Flying sports car cleared for takeoff by FAA
Samson Sky has received approval from the FAA to begin flight testing its flying sports car, the three-wheeled Switchblade.
GM has a plan to solve the biggest obstacle to EVs
GM, Pilot Company, and EVgo are building a new EV charging network comprising 2,000 stalls at up to 500 travel centers across the US.
Walmart to rollout a fleet of electric delivery vehicles
Walmart has announced a deal to buy a fleet of delivery EVs from Canoo, with a pilot beginning in weeks.
The biggest myths about electric vehicles
Electric vehicle sales are skyrocketing, but misinformation about the tech is still rampant. These are seven of the biggest myths about EVs.
Digital technology can cut global emissions by 15%. Here’s how.
The grand challenge for humanity is to ensure that groundbreaking technologies have a clear purpose for our planet.
Recycled tires can act as sunscreen for roads
Australian researchers blasted bitumen with a UV machine to discover how used tires can act as road “sunscreen.”
Bluetooth hack breaks into cars and smart locks 
Researchers in the UK have identified a vulnerability in Bluetooth-based locks, including Kwikset smart locks and Teslas.
The world’s first airport for flying cars and drones has just landed 
The UK's development of an urban airport for flying cars and drones could inspire other nations to follow suit.
Drones and driverless cars could help with Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis 
We need a universal code of conduct for deploying autonomous vehicles and drones in humanitarian settings.
Chevrolet is electrifying the Corvette
GM has announced plans to bring the Corvette roaring into the electric vehicle market.
The next big disruption is coming: How cities can prepare for flying cars
Urban Aerial Mobility - or 'flying cars' - could present a more flexible way for cities to invest in future infrastructure.
Can my electric car power my house? Not yet for most drivers, but vehicle-to-home charging is coming
Want to help protect the environment, save money on gasoline, or try out the latest technology? Try powering your house with your car.
Starbucks is creating an EV “charger highway,” from Seattle to Denver 
Starbucks is aiming to capitalize on the demand for electric vehicle infrastructure by installing chargers at up to 15 locations in the U.S.
Self-driving cars could transform the world in unexpected ways 
Self-driving cars could impact the future of economics, equity, privacy, and city planning.
Solar powered cars could soon hit the streets — but can they be efficient enough to go mainstream? 
If they work, solar-powered cars could be great for the environment. Here's the startups working to make that happen.
Autonomous race cars compete for $1 million prize
Autonomous race cars sped around a world-famous track in pursuit of a $1 million prize during the Indy Autonomous Challenge.
Airless tires get their public test drive
Decades in development, Michelin’s airless tires finally hit the road.
Foldable electric cars join emergency response fleet in Israel
Emergency medical service organization United Hatzalah is adding foldable electric cars to its fleet to speed up its response times
AI is helping cars spot potholes 
Researchers have developed an AI system that allows cars to spot potholes.
Ford replaces humans with robot test drivers
Ford Motor Company has built a pair of robot test drivers to fill in for humans during dangerous endurance tests at its Weather Factory.
Flying race car zips across the sky for the first time
The world’s first flying race car, the Airspeeder Mk3, has completed its maiden flight and is on track to compete in a first-of-its-kind racing series later in 2021.
How lasers will create ‘uncrashable’ cars
Luminar is using lidar to build smarter and safer autonomous vehicles.
Vertical EV battery may cut costs, improve range by 30%
U.K. startup Page-Roberts proposes using a vertical EV battery to improve a car’s efficiency and cut manufacturing costs.
New solid-state lithium battery can be recharged 10,000 times
Harvard University researchers have developed a solid-state lithium battery they believe could allow electric vehicles to last 10 to 15 years.
Extreme E is bringing electric SUV racing to the ends of the Earth
With climate change and gender equity at its core, Extreme E is bringing electric SUV racing to the wild.
A battery revolution could make electric cars a reality for everyone
We'll need a new type of battery to make electric cars cheaper and convenient.
Electric flying car races get the green flag
Airspeeder is bringing electric flying car racing to the skies in 2021.
New scooter battery can charge in 5 minutes. Can it transform electric cars?
StoreDot's battery fully charges in just five minutes, and it can be manufactured on the same production lines as today's EV batteries.
Autonomous trucks are taking to the highways
Self-driving cars get all the love, but autonomous trucks are already hitting the road, with a “driver-out” demonstration scheduled for 2021.
Digital car windows could make your city safer
In partnership with Ford
What if parked cars didn’t just take up space? Ford is designing the future of cars, starting with the purpose they serve when nobody’s driving.
Waymo's driverless car service opens to the public
Waymo One has relaunched, and this time, all users can ride in cars without safety drivers.
Back to the future: Classic cars go high tech
This boutique auto shop is crafting quality, custom cars that combine vintage designs with the latest technologies. And perhaps more importantly, they’re challenging the widely accepted concept that we live in a disposable world.
Series| Uprising
The truth about self-driving cars
Self-driving cars have the potential to save thousands of lives and reduce carbon emissions. Will we be smart enough to hop on board?
In the midst of a crisis, Venezuelans are training self-driving cars
Hundreds of thousands of formerly middle class Venezuelans, thrown into poverty by economic collapse, are now sitting at computers as they help train self-driving cars to identify and avoid obstacles.
Electrifying classic cars
Starting with the classics, this unique shop is converting existing cars into all-electric road warriors.
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This research team wants to hack your car
What happens when an SUV going 75 miles-per-hour down a highway is hacked from a remote computer?