Autonomous auto racing promises safer driverless cars on the road
Autonomous racing is a testbed where competition spurs innovation and AI-controlled cars chart a course toward safer autonomous vehicles.
Running or yoga can help beat depression, research shows – even if it’s the last thing you feel like
Exercise can be just as impactful in treating depression as therapy, but it matters what type of exercise you do and how you do it.
Focus on right now, not the distant future, to stay motivated and on track to your long-term health goals
Research highlights three effective strategies to help you achieve your goals, including prioritizing short-term consequences.
First jet suit race is less than a month away
During the world’s first jet suit race, eight competitors will take flight over the water off the coast of Dubai.
No pain, no gain? Science debunks yet another exercise myth
Exercise culture advertises intense workouts as the best way to see gains. But research suggests moderate exercise is better.
The most damaging exercise myth
It's a common belief that it's normal for adults to be less physically active as they age. This might be the most pernicious exercise myth.
These 2 types of exercise can improve brain health in your 80s, new study finds
Older people who regularly engage in aerobics and strength training perform better on cognitive tests.
How physics models could improve NBA teams’ performance
Density functional theory, a model used to study quantum-entangled particles, has surprising relevance on the basketball court.
Cardio improves cognitive function & mental health. Here’s the best way to do it at home.
While many people do cardio exercise to keep physically fit, research shows cardio also improves cognitive function and mental health.
What BMI can’t tell us about our health
Body mass index (BMI) continues to be the go-to tool for medical doctors and population researchers despite saying little about our health.
New weight loss drug acts like an “exercise pill”
A new candidate weight loss drug called SLU-PP-332 was found to boost muscular and aerobic endurance in mice.
Exercise scientist explains what your daily step goal should be by your weight
Tracking daily step counts can be a useful tool for weight management, but only if you tailor it to your own body weight.
Can you speed up your metabolism? And should you?
Our metabolism is the force inside our bodies that mysteriously decides whether to convert food into energy or weight.
Can’t afford a gym membership? Add these 3 things to your workout routine
With gym memberships and fitness classes are becoming increasingly unaffordable, you can make just as much progress at home.
Exercise may or may not help you lose weight and keep it off
There isn’t a debate on the overall health benefits of regular exercise, but scientists don't agree on whether it actually keeps weight off.
UCLA’s humanoid soccer robot is headed to the “RoboCup”
A first-of-its-kind soccer robot built by researchers at UCLA is heading to France to compete in the annual RoboCup.
Standing on a vibrating platform could deliver some of the same benefits as exercise
The reason whole-body vibration training is gaining interest is because it’s far easier to do than regular exercise.
Exercise is even more effective than counselling or medication for depression
A recent study showed exercise is an effective way to treat mental health issues – and can be more effective than medication or counselling.
Yoga: Modern research shows a variety of benefits to both body and mind from the ancient practice
Researchers have begun to study yoga's effects and are finding that it has great benefits for both mental and physical health.
When is the best time to exercise?
Though morning workouts may be optimal for circadian rhythms, afternoon exercise tends to be slightly more efficient.
Silkworms could one day repair human tendons stronger than before
Mixing silk protein with a gel matrix allowed for better cell growth and healing in rat models.
Watch John McEnroe take on past versions of himself on the court
Thanks to AI, digital avatars, and robotic cannons, John McEnroe is taking on his toughest opponent: himself.
The NBA’s Golden State Warriors use data to optimize the fan experience 
The Warriors are using data in an attempt to deliver the best — and best targeted — fan experience possible.
Cambridge researchers have created a mathematical model for building muscle 
Now there’s a mathematical model that could maximize the effectiveness of exercise.
World-class surfers help kids with disabilities ride the waves
Ten children with disabilities got a chance to go surfing through an adaptive sports program at NYC’s Hospital for Special Surgery.
Who to watch for at the Tokyo Paralympics
Here are five athletes to watch at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics and one Afghan competitor whose future at the Games is still uncertain.
Holograph tech “teleports” Olympic badminton competition
Japanese telecom company NTT is using holograph tech to recreate Olympic badminton matches at a venue 22 miles away in real time.
Toyota’s autonomous shuttle is optimized for Olympians
Tokyo Olympians are riding around the Olympic Village in Toyota’s e-Palette, an autonomous shuttle designed with their needs in mind.
Olympic swimmers get speed boost from pool engineers
We already know that Olympic swimmers are fast, but Olympic swimming pools can be engineered to be “fast,” too.
Flying race car zips across the sky for the first time
The world’s first flying race car, the Airspeeder Mk3, has completed its maiden flight and is on track to compete in a first-of-its-kind racing series later in 2021.
Liverpool and DeepMind are bringing AI to the beautiful game 
AI in sports has taken off in recent years. Now, Liverpool and DeepMind are teaming up to see how AI may impact the world’s most popular sport.
Extreme E is bringing electric SUV racing to the ends of the Earth
With climate change and gender equity at its core, Extreme E is bringing electric SUV racing to the wild.
It's now possible to diagnose concussions with saliva
Saliva was used to diagnose concussions with 94% accuracy, suggesting that an objective concussion test may finally be within reach.
NFL hopefuls train with sensor-free athlete tracking tech
Intel’s new athlete tracking platform, 3DAT, can deliver performance insights without the use of potentially cumbersome sensors.
Electric flying car races get the green flag
Airspeeder is bringing electric flying car racing to the skies in 2021.
AI brings Vince Lombardi back to life for Super Bowl ad
Using face-swapping AI, the NFL has created a Super Bowl ad in which iconic coach Vince Lombardi delivers a message of unity 50 years after his death.
Disinfecting drones to spray stadium after NFL games
Are the disinfecting drones set to fly over Mercedes-Benz Stadium after Atlanta Falcons games useful or just another example of hygiene theater?
AI force plate prevents injuries by predicting them
Sparta Science has developed an AI-powered force plate system that prevents injuries among athletes and soldiers by predicting their likelihood.
New NFL mouth shield could protect players from COVID-19
The NFL’s mouth shield is designed to stop respiratory droplets. But player’s reactions have been mixed.
Hospitals, morgues, and drive-ins: Empty stadiums fill new purposes
Their roars dulled, empty stadiums are serving as field hospitals, supply depots, morgues, drive-in theaters … and an Airbnb.
New app lets sports fans cheer (or jeer) athletes remotely
Yamaha’s “Remote Cheerer” system lets sports fans stuck at home during the pandemic use an app to make noise at live sports facilities.
Why the MLB antibody study matters
10,000 MLB employees, from players to concession stand attendees, are volunteering to help scientists study how COVID-19 has spread throughout the country.
The rise of simulated sports in the face of COVID-19
Because of the coronavirus, sports have come to a screeching halt. Unless you look online.
Major League Baseball joins massive coronavirus antibody study
More than 10,000 Major League Baseball players and employees agreed to have their blood tested for a massive coronavirus antibody study.
How a paralympic swimmer helps advance AI bionic limbs
Morgan Stickney shares about her experimental Ewing amputations and training for the 2024 Paralympics.
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Eye tracking gives athletes an unprecedented edge
With eye tracking technology, athletes can now monitor, analyze, and train their eye movements to effectively reduce their average reaction time.
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Top athletes are shocking their brains with tDCS
Why are professional athletes using brain-zapping headsets? This tDCS device creates a state of hyper-learning, which could help improve their performance.
The strange science of sports recovery with Christie Aschwanden
From infrared pajamas to cryo chambers, athletes swear recovery methods give them an edge on the playing field. But what does science have to say about it?
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This coach cut football concussions in half
Long-term health risks threaten to derail America’s favorite sport, but one coach may have found an innovative solution to save the game – a robotic tackling dummy.
Does playing sports quiet the brain?
Athletes across many sports have something in common - they can more easily “quiet” their brain to focus on what’s really going on.
Drone racers are a thing and they’re amazing
Blistering speed. Big money. 11-year-old world champions. Is drone racing the next big sport?
This fearless principal used UFC & skateboards to save a failing school
How one relentless, unconventional principal rallied an underdog school.
Could this revolutionary football helmet protect players and save the game?
As more and more former football players exhibit symptoms of CTE, one company thinks their new helmet can address...
The future of sports and human performance
Unpacking the science behind human performance with The Sports Gene author David Epstein