This start-up is recycling abandoned wooden homes in Baltimore
The Baltimore Wood Project salvages wood from buildings to repurpose and resell locally to create a circular economy.
The surprising history of how electric vehicles have played the long game and won
The electric vehicle’s environmental credentials might give them a final push to win the long game over traditional cars.
Heat pumps can cut your energy costs by up to 90%
Heat pumps are becoming all the rage around a world that has to slash carbon emissions rapidly while cutting energy costs.
Electric school buses are taking students back to school
Can electric school busses bring cleaner air and lower maintenance costs to school districts across the country?
faster ev charging
Optimized charging powers EV batteries to 90% in 10 minutes
Tomorrow's electric vehicles could charge far more quickly thanks to optimized charging methods and innovative battery designs.
The challenges of wireless farming technologies – like transmitting data through mud
The Agricultural Internet of Things involves technologies such as wireless underground communications and antennas in soil.
Next US energy boom could be wind power in the Gulf of Mexico
Wind power on land has seen remarkable growth in the U.S. over the last 15 years, including in Texas. Is offshore wind next?
cultured oil
This fermented cooking oil could replace vegetable oil
Zero Acre Farms is using fermentation to create a cultured oil that’s healthier and more sustainable than traditional cooking oils.
sustainable air conditioning
Bill Gates-backed startup is building sustainable ACs
Blue Frontier is developing a new kind of air conditioner that requires 50-90% less electricity than the units we use today.
sustainable meat
The future of meat is sustainable — and a little weird
Ideas to reduce the meat industry's impact on the environment include 3D-printed steaks, cultivated tiger meat, and potty-trained cows.
old laptop
Google’s free tool will breathe new life into your old laptop
Google’s free ChromeOS Flex is now widely available, giving anyone the ability to turn their old laptop into a makeshift Chromebook.
This little robot is cleaning up beaches, one cigarette butt at a time
Robot litter picker, the BeachBot, uses artificial intelligence to detect trash like cigarette butts and help clean up beaches.
Engineers create world’s first carbon-neutral cement out of algae
Cement production currently accounts for 8% of global carbon emissions.
offshore wind turbines
These bendy wind turbines won’t crack in hurricanes
To significantly scale up offshore wind turbines, SUMR researchers are testing a design inspired by the flexibility of palm trees.
After millennia of agricultural expansion, the world has passed “peak agricultural land”
This marks a historic moment in humanity’s relationship to the planet.
Where does the plastic in our oceans come from?
Which countries and rivers emit the most plastic to the ocean? What does this mean for solutions to tackle plastic pollution?
Electric car supplies are running out
People who aspire to own a brand new electric vehicle will struggle to move forward. Will this also slow down the journey to net-zero?
formo cheese
Real cheese without the cow
Biotech startup Formo uses genetically modified microorganisms to produce a completely lab-grown milk that can be made into cheese.
Why haven’t plastic-eating bacteria fixed the plastic problem yet?
Texas scientists have created an enzyme that could keep billions of pounds of plastic out of landfills.
airborne wind energy
A massive kite is now generating carbon-free electricity
Airborne wind energy systems put turbines in the sky, where the wind tends to blow faster and more consistently.
ikea home solar
IKEA will now sell solar panels
Furniture retailer IKEA will begin selling home solar solutions to US customers to encourage sustainable living.
Solar + battery hybrids are poised for explosive growth
Solar panels and battery storage can generate renewable power when solar energy is at its peak during the day and then release it as needed.
floating city
See the world’s first floating city: OCEANIX Busan
If the world's first floating city is a success, other coastal metropolises could use it as a blueprint for adapting to rising sea levels.
This solar-powered motorhome was designed by students
Students from the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands have created a solar-powered motorhome, shaped like a huge teardrop.
electric airplane
Former NHL enforcer builds an incredible electric airplane
An electric airplane developed by Beta Technologies, an ex-NHL player's startup, is on the wish lists of Amazon, the US Army, UPS, and more.
Barcelona’s plan to “pedestrianize” its downtown could transform our cities
A new method for evaluating the potential for superblock transformations in different cities could increase their rollout across the globe.
Swiss scientists are making jet fuel from sunlight and air
The fuel's reliance on sunlight makes desert areas prime land for production sites, leaving valuable agricultural land available for food.
This company is tackling Kuwait’s ‘tire graveyard’ problem by tire recycling
Kuwait wants to build 25,000 new houses on the site of a former tire graveyard. Here's how they're going to do it.
Elon Musk: Europe should revive nuclear energy
The Ukraine crisis has highlighted Europe's dependence on Russia for fossil fuels. Is more nuclear energy the solution?
MIT’s new plant-based material could replace plastics
Using cellulose from wood, MIT researchers have made a plant-based material tough as bone and hard as aluminum.
Solar panels
First solar canal project is a win for water, energy, air and climate in California
California’s aging power infrastructure has contributed to catastrophic wildfires and multiday outages. Solar canals can help.
MIT spinoff plans to drill 12 miles into Earth’s crust
MIT spinoff Quaise Energy is building a drill that vaporizes rock so that we can tap into the geothermal energy miles below our feet.
vertical farm
The world’s largest vertical farm is opening in Pennsylvania
Upward Farms plans to build what will be the world’s largest vertical farm in Pennsylvania — and fish are going to fertilize its crops.
biodegradable straws
New biodegradable straws are made by bacteria
New biodegradable straws developed in China are as cheap as plastic, stronger than paper, and made from edible materials.
rock salt alternative
Cities are using beets to deice streets this winter
Cities across the U.S. are exploring less damaging rock salt alternatives — and beet juice is one of the most promising.
Earthships: The sustainable buildings made from trash
Interest in Earthships, a type of off-the-grid home built from old tires, is picking up as people look for ways to live more sustainably.
sustainable coffee
Inside the lab inventing “coffee” without beans to save the planet
Almost all of the last wild forests will have to be destroyed to support the growth of coffee.
Solar powered cars could soon hit the streets — but can they be efficient enough to go mainstream?
If they work, solar-powered cars could be great for the environment. Here's the startups working to make that happen.
cultivated meat
Inside the world’s most advanced cultivated meat facility
UPSIDE Foods (formerly Memphis Meats) is offering consumers tours of “the world’s most advanced cultivated meat production facility.”
Fast fashion is killing the planet. These chemists are fighting back
Your clothes are mostly plastic. These chemists have figured out how to recycle them.
carbon removal
Students get $5 million from Elon Musk for carbon-removal ideas
An Elon Musk-funded XPrize competition has given teams of students $5 million to develop ideas for carbon removal systems.
Are mini reactors the future of clean energy?
The U.K is giving Rolls-Royce nearly $300 million to develop small modular reactors (SMRs) to increase its supply of clean energy.
sustainable phone
You can repair this sustainable phone yourself
Fairphone’s sustainable phone is easy to repair and contains ethically sourced materials — two major departures from the industry standard.
sustainable food
The secret lab making the most sustainable food in the world
The secret lab making the most sustainable food in the world
data centers
Data centers need to be greener — Microsoft is leading the way
Microsoft’s plan for sustainable data centers includes more renewable energy, better temperature control, and new construction materials.
McDonald’s McPlant takes plant-based meat mainstream
McDonald’s McPlant, a burger with a plant-based meat patty, is now available at select locations in the U.S. for a limited time.
Fungus-based “mycoprotein” may be the next future food
Startups around the world are racing to get mycoprotein — food based on fungus — to plates.
turntide technologies
The world will electrify. This technology can power our sustainable future.
Attacking climate change requires reimagining our buildings and vehicles as intelligent systems. And it all starts with a smart motor.
Series | Make It Count
Artificial photosynthesis turns CO2 into sustainable fuel
A greener future by 2035 is in arm's reach with this new tech decarbonizing the transportation industry.
Series | Challengers
This Gen-Z CEO is taking on the $20 billion tampon industry
Rehab, re-centering, and rebirth: it’s the true story of a Gen Z CEO who wanted to spearhead a movement for better period care.
milk proteins
Lab-grown milk proteins prove more environmentally friendly
It’s less environmentally costly to produce milk proteins in the lab than to source them from cows, according to a new report.
electronic waste
Can tech rentals solve the problem of electronic waste?
To combat the problem of electronic waste, German startup Grover is now selling Americans subscriptions to laptops, phones, and other tech.
sustainable coffee
Scientists make sustainable coffee from lab-grown cells
Finnish researchers are making sustainable coffee in the lab to combat the negative environmental effects of coffee production.
“Agrihood” puts a farm in the center of Silicon Valley housing
An “agrihood” under construction in Santa Clara, CA, will give low-income residents access to cheap produce grown onsite.
Think smart about disposable packaging with this scorecard
A new scorecard called the Understanding Packaging (UP) Scorecard is helping businesses make sustainable decisions on disposable packaging.
Unique underwater sculptures thwart harmful illegal fishing
Paolo Fanciulli, a fisherman from Maremma, is sinking artists’ sculptures to the seafloor to stop bottom trawling.
sustainable cotton
Returning old clothes to the earth can help cotton grow again
An Australian cotton industry trade group aims to return used cotton cloth to the soil to help new cotton grow.
lab-grown chicken
Series | Hard Reset
Murder-free chicken nuggets: Real meat grown in a lab
Would you eat lab-grown chicken meat? This Singapore restaurant is the first to serve cell-cultured meat to diners.
plastic waste into vanillin
E. coli turns plastic waste into vanillin
Scientists have engineered E. coli bacteria to convert plastic waste into vanillin, an in-demand compound used in vanilla flavoring and more.
cultured meat production
Cultured meat is now being mass-produced In Israel
Israeli startup Future Meat Technologies’ industrial-scale cultured meat production facility is designed to get lab-grown meat onto consumers’ plates ASAP.
concentrated solar power
Series | Hard Reset
How mirrors could power the planet… and prevent wars
If adopted globally, concentrated solar power could make major waves in manufacturing, not to mention prevent wars over oil and mitigate climate change.
lithium mining
Lithium mining just became a water sport
A team of scientists claims they’ve created an affordable method for extracting lithium from seawater, as an alternative to lithium mining.
modular construction
Series | Hard Reset
Do buildings have to be permanent?
Modular construction involves transporting prefabricated buildings and connecting them on-site. It’s like LEGOs on steroids, and it could transform our cities.
wastewater treatment
The case for drinking treated wastewater. (Yes, from the toilet.)
Concern over droughts and water pollution have ignited a unique solution for preserving one of our most vital resources — advanced wastewater treatment for human consumption, also known as direct potable reuse.
recyclable electronics
A world’s first: Printable electronics now fully recyclable
Duke researchers show new recyclable electronics technique that reclaims nearly 100% of carbon-based printed transistors using water and sound.
lab-created diamonds
World’s biggest jeweler will only sell lab-created diamonds
Jewelry company Pandora has announced plans to start using only lab-created diamonds in its products, officially turning its back on diamond mining.
recycled carbon laundry detergent
This laundry detergent is made from recycled carbon
Consumer goods company Unilever is now selling a laundry detergent that’s made using recycled carbon instead of traditional fossil fuels.
lab-grown lobster
Startup aims to put lab-grown lobster on the menu
Wisconsin startup Cultured Decadence is developing lab-grown lobster meat in the hopes of meeting a demand currently threatened by climate change.
This new crystal, produced with gunpowder, is stronger than diamond
Researchers have developed hexagonal diamonds — the mineral lonsdaleite — large enough to study in a lab and test their stiffness and hardness.
digital price tags
Digital price tags auto-discount groceries to avoid food waste
A startup called Wasteless uses dynamic pricing and electronic shelf labels to help minimize food waste at grocery stores.
lab-grown meat
Spinach skeleton becomes base for lab-grown meat
After spinach leaves were stripped of their plant cells, the skeletons were used as a scaffold for lab-grown meat.
wave energy
What is the future of wave energy?
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved the first commercial-scale, utility grid-connected test site for wave energy.
city grids
Are ancient city grids still the best way to build?
Although their roots date back thousands of years, city grids are starting to inspire modern urban planners. Is the grid still the best way to build?
recycled cotton sugar
A sweet way to recycle cotton — turn it into sugar
What’s better than recycled cotton — transforming it to sugar for reuse. Researchers have a recipe for success.
bricks made from plastic waste
Diy factory turns plastic waste into super-strong bricks
Kenyan startup Gjenge Makers turns plastic waste into plastic bricks that are stronger, lighter, and cheaper than their concrete counterparts.
recycling robot
Recycling robot keeps waste out of landfills
AMP Robotics has developed a recycling robot that uses AI to sort recyclables twice as quickly as humans can.
e waste
The ugly truth about toxic e-waste
It’s estimated that by 2030, the amount of e-waste discarded globally will grow to 74.7 million tons per year. But fixing the problem is going to take more than recycling.
What does a solarpunk future look like?
The writers, artists, and activists of the solarpunk movement envision a future in which we’ve overcome the problems inspiring today’s dystopian sci-fi.
iron powder fuel
Brewery is world’s first factory fueled by iron powder
A Dutch brewery is using iron powder to generate clean energy, marking the first industrial use of iron fuel.
Sustainable Shoes
Adidas’ sustainable shoes are string art made by a robot
The Adidas Futurecraft team has unveiled a pair of sustainable shoes made by a robot that weaves individual threads like it's creating string art.
Sustainability in Healthcare
Doctors fighting deadly climate change
These doctors are coming together to address their collective carbon footprint, explore new solutions, and improve sustainability in healthcare.
3D Printed Homes
3D printed homes could soon be made out of dirt
By transforming soil into a construction material for 3D printed homes and other structures, researchers hope to slash concrete's environmental impact.
Ghost Nets
Divers remove wildlife-killing “ghost nets” from shipwreck
The Healthy Seas initiative removes wildlife-killing “ghost nets” from the ocean so that they can be recycled into useful Econyl yarn.
Switched Reluctance Motor
Want to save the planet? start with reinventing the motor
This highly efficient switched reluctance motor has the ability to save manufacturers millions of dollars and significantly reduce their carbon emissions.
global sustainability
How ‘mental time travel’ can lead us to sustainability
Bina Venkataraman, author of The Optimist's Telescope, believes that modern society’s shortsightedness is the root of many avoidable catastrophes.
sustainable fertilizer
Fertilizer feeds half the world. Can we make it without fossil fuels?
Fertilizer is needed to feed the world, but its production comes with a carbon footprint. This solar-powered strategy may reduce that.
3D Printed House
The world's first floating 3D printed house
A group in the Czech Republic is using a 3D printing robot to construct what it claims will be the world’s first floating 3D printed house.
energy efficient homes
Series | Challengers
This carbon-negative dream house ships in a box
A startup described as the “IKEA of houses” is determined to make beautifully-designed, energy efficient homes affordable for everyone.
green building
A new approach to green building could reverse climate change
The building sector is one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions. But new research suggests that trend could stop, and even reverse because of a new type of green building.
solar power
24/7 solar power is on the horizon
Researchers at the Air Force Research Laboratory are planning new solar power tech that collects energy in outer space and laser-beams it back to Earth.
nuclear power plant
Open-sourcing the blueprints for a nuclear power plant
The Energy Impact Center has open-sourced nuclear power plant blueprints in an attempt to encourage the adoption of eco-friendly nuclear energy.
Washington ferries
Can the maritime industry go green? Washington ferries show us how
Washington ferries will soon make the switch from diesel to batteries, becoming the world’s largest hybrid-powered, car-carrying ferries.
custom cars
Back to the future: Classic cars go high tech
This boutique auto shop is crafting quality, custom cars that combine vintage designs with the latest technologies. And perhaps more importantly, they’re challenging the widely accepted concept that we live in a disposable world.
The big screen goes green
Hollywood moves towards sustainable film production.
In a circular economy, leaders look to eliminate waste
A step further than recycling, a circular economy would eliminate the idea of garbage completely. But will consumers hop on board? We gave it a try, and here's our honest review.
illegal logging
The fight to end illegal logging
Citizen scientists are collecting tree samples to build a genetic database that will help identify the origins of stolen lumber and stop illegal logging.
This big wave surfer is changing how we fight wildfires
Fire retardant spray contains toxins that are harmful to the environment and first responders, but Jeff Denholm is looking to change that.
sustainable agriculture
Floating farm takes sustainable agriculture to the next level
Inspired by the food shortages witnessed in New York City following Hurricane Sandy, this husband and wife team came up with the idea for a sustainable farm that floats on the sea.
A “death-ray” for weeds could replace chemical weed killers
Dr. Graham Brodie of the University of Melbourne is working on a device for zapping stubborn weeds with microwaves.
The dark toll of light pollution
Bird populations are paying the price for our electric lights. These volunteers are working to change that.