text-to-image ais
This Stable Diffusion mod will turn you into a Pokémon
Stable Diffusion, an open-source text-to-image AI, has been modified to generate Pokémon-like characters from simple text prompts.
How do DALL-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and other forms of generative AI work?
DALL-E and other types of generative AI can produce images that look like photographs, paintings, or drawings that were created by humans.
text to image ai
Text-to-image AIs are changing art forever
Text-to-image AIs that draw whatever you describe in text are making it easy for anyone to create unique art online.
15th century futurism: Leonardo da Vinci’s famous helicopter design finally takes flight
Da Vinci dreamed up a helicopter 400 years before they actually existed. Now, engineers have brought his design to life, but with a twist.
“Read 2,000 books”: Werner Herzog’s advice on reading
In the past, Werner Herzog has stated that you can't be a filmmaker without a regular reading habit, from Hemingway to Norse mythology.
Turning Appalachia’s contaminated creek water into art
Acid mine drainage turns thousands of creeks orange in Appalachia. True Pigments is pulling that pollution to create paint pigments.
Ukrainian artists turn to NFTs to tell their stories
A Kyiv gallerist and Puerto Rican art gallery are auctioning off NFTs of art created in conflict to support Ukrainian artists.
nfts street art
NFTs are extending the life of street art
To extend the life of their street art, creators are linking them to NFTs that can then live on the blockchain in perpetuity.
AI art
AI artist Botto has made its first million
AI artist Botto, which hones its taste via a human community, has made a splash in the art market, going from NFTs to Miami.
AI art
AI creates realistic pictures from pure text
NVIDIA’s new AI can translate text into images.
Crypto and traditional art are merging — and the result is fantastic
The addition of a physical component could help crypto art go mainstream.
I took a creativity test, and this is what it told me
Researchers made a creativity test with objective and automated scoring that gives an accurate measure of verbal creativity.
sculpting robots
Sculpting robots chisel art out of marble
Italy's Robotor is inspiring artists to pick up Carrara marble as a medium by delegating the laborious carving process to sculpting robots.
bacteria cleaning sculptures
Bacteria are cleaning Michelangelo's Reanaissance sculptures
Faced with stubborn, literal stains of the family’s violent past, the Medici Chapel has used bacteria to clean Michelangelos.
museum tours
How renegade museum tours became a multimillion dollar business
Museum Hack is reimagining museum tours as we know them, by delivering storylines about art, culture, and history in a way that’s interactive — and highly entertaining.
VR opera
World’s first VR opera to open in London
“Current, Rising,” the world’s first VR opera, promises to immerse audiences in a “hyper-reality” made possible by technology.
lost art
AI reconstructs lost art painted over by Picasso
You can now buy a reconstructed piece of lost art discovered lurking beneath a famous Picasso painting.
temporary tattoo ink
Tattoo shy? no problem. these tats are made to fade
Ephemeral launched the first-ever made-to-fade tattoo ink, allowing people to get tattoos without committing to them for the rest of their lives.
agar art
Stunning “agar art” grows pictures with bacteria and fungi
Agar art lets scientists tap into their creative sides by growing microbes into beautiful bioart scenes in petri dishes.
ai painting
Watch Japan’s latest robot painter in action
For SXSW’s AI Painting Project, a robot arm was trained to generate paintings based on given concepts and using a limited number of brushstrokes.
NFT sophia the robot
Sophia the Robot joins NFT frenzy
Sophia the robot has created digital art that will be linked to an NFT and sold — making her the latest to join the art world’s current craze.
nft crypto art
NFTs and crypto art, explained
NFTs are creating a marketplace for digital content. It may be a huge opportunity for digital creators to sell their own work.
grow art light recipes
Science and art collide over a giant field of leeks
Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde’s new GROW installation features multicolored LED lights dancing over a field of leek plants.
What does a solarpunk future look like?
The writers, artists, and activists of the solarpunk movement envision a future in which we’ve overcome the problems inspiring today’s dystopian sci-fi.
The power of sketching in visual communication
Michael DiTullo, designer for Nike, Honda, and Hasbro to name a few, shares the value of drawing as a means of communicating ideas.
Frederick Douglass
Why do selfies matter? Ask Frederick Douglass
The great abolitionist, freedom fighter and orator, Frederick Douglass, used photography to smash racial stereotypes and reframe Black identity.
Series | Biohackers
The cyborg artist who hears color
Neil Harbisson was born colorblind. Now he has an antenna implant in his skill to hear color and create beautiful works of art.
The algorithm playwright
Annie Dorsen allows algorithms to write her plays, and it challenges our fundamental understanding of art.
robot art
Robot artist challenges our definition of art
Artists have a history of subverting expectations and mainstream culture, but the world’s first humanoid robot artist is taking it to a new level. So far, she has sold over $1 million worth of art.
anti-facial recognition
The anti-facial recognition fashion statement
These designers are trying to outsmart surveillance systems with anti-facial recognition makeup, glasses, and clothing. Can they help us go incognito?
custom cars
Back to the future: Classic cars go high tech
This boutique auto shop is crafting quality, custom cars that combine vintage designs with the latest technologies. And perhaps more importantly, they’re challenging the widely accepted concept that we live in a disposable world.
High-tech art exhibit looks at life through the eyes of AI
In this Chicago museum, artists explore some of the most polarizing forms of imagery at the moment: surveillance and facial recognition.
Will Hunt finds humanity underground
In Will Hunt’s book Underground, the journalist and "urban explorer" details his expeditions through caves, mines, tunnels, catacombs, and sewer systems around the world and the depths of the information he's found.
Meet the artist who paints with dna clues
When Maayan Harel paints a portrait, her subject isn't sitting in front of her. She doesn't even have a photograph...
Chico MacMurtrie's art transcends the southern border
If all goes to plan, six robotic sculptures will arc across the border dividing El Paso and Ciudad Juárez in the fall of 2020.
Daan Roosegaarde is a Dutch architect on a mission to create a more efficient and beautiful world through innovative
Merging nature and sustainable design: An interview with Daan Roosegaarde
From towers that create pockets of clean air to a luminescent bike path that glows like children's ceiling stars, Daan Roosegaarde's entire practice is centered around the beauty of living with nature and removing pollution from urban life.
prosthetic leg covers
Prosthetics as fashion: designers transform prosthetic leg covers into wearable art
Alleles is a premier boutique where amputees can be fitted for fashionable limb covers that make their prosthetic limbs stylish and eye-catching. These designers hope their fashions will help reduce the stigma that comes with prosthetics.
Advanced prosthetics are not only powerful, they’re beautiful
"There's a deep, deep relationship between the functionality of the device and a person's identity of what their body is."
Ever wonder what happens to leftover crayons?
This dad is melting down old crayons for kids who need them most.