3D-printed skin could heal wounds with less scarring
Penn State scientists have 3D-printed skin directly on top of open wounds — an achievement that could improve reconstructive surgery.
New 3D printing technique creates life-like robots
A new 3D-printing technique, vision-controlled-jetting, can be used to create a robotic hand, complete with bones, ligaments, and tendons.
Stanford plans to put a 3D-printed human heart in a pig by 2028
Using 3D bioprinting, scientists are trying to construct perfect replacements for damaged organs, bones, and tissues.
Ultra slippery toilet bowl stays clean forever
A new slippery toilet bowl developed in China could help conserve water and keep commodes effortlessly clean.
Natural killer cells now have a better shot at destroying cancer
A 3D-printing-based approach could make immunotherapies based on natural killer (NK) cells better equipped to destroy cancer.
Startups serve “world’s first” lab-grown fish filets
The world’s first lab-grown fish filets are able to match the texture of real fish thanks to 3D printing technology.
China plans to build moon bases using robot masons and lunar dirt
China plans to start testing an ambitious plan to build moon bases using a robot mason and dirt bricks as soon as 2028.
3D printing promises to transform architecture forever
Large-scale additive manufacturing, like 3D printing, involves building objects one layer at a time, transforming architecture as we know it.
3D-printing the brain’s blood vessels with silicone could personalize neurosurgery
3D printing could make blood vessel replicas with the soft feel and the structural accuracy surgeons need.
World’s first 3D-printed rocket launches at Cape Canaveral
Relativity Space has just launched the world’s first 3D-printed rocket, Terran 1, but the flight didn’t go exactly as hoped.
New 3D bioprinter could repair organs inside the human body
A snake-like soft robot designed to 3D bioprint tissues inside patients’ bodies might one day replace invasive implantation surgeries.
Could 3D printing help solve the US housing crisis?
3D printing could help solve the nation’s housing crisis, as it's cheaper, faster, and more sustainable than conventional construction methods.
World’s largest 3D-printed affordable housing project launches in Kenya
Construction of the world’s largest 3D-printed affordable housing development is underway, with the first 10 houses going up in just 10 weeks.
These 3D-printed batteries could be the future of clean energy
Silicon Valley startup Sakuu has developed a 3D-printing platform that it says can mass produce solid-state batteries, in any shape and size
Skin grafts can now be 3D-printed to fit “like a glove”
Bioprinted skin grafts come in sheets, not the contours of the body. New research from Columbia envisions grafts which fit like a glove.
“Bioprinted” skin could help end animal testing for cosmetics
Bioprinted skin can now look and act so much like real skin that it could one day replace some animal testing.
Two-story 3D-printed house is first of its kind in the US
The US’s first two-story 3D-printed house is being built in Houston, Texas, from a mix of concrete and wood.
This 3D-printed home is made entirely of bio-based materials
Maine researchers are testing a new approach to 3D printing homes, swapping out the standard concrete “ink” for a material made of wood waste.
NASA invests $57 million in a 3D laser printer to build moon bases
NASA has invested $57.2 into construction company ICON’s 3D printer for building on the moon, Mars, and beyond.
ISS experiment will 3D print a body part in microgravity 
An International Space Station experiment to test 3D-printing in microgravity could help end the organ shortage on Earth.
3D-printed wood furniture could ship flat, then dry into shape
A new way of 3D printing wood that takes advantage of warping could change how we build things in the future.
Harvard scientists closer to solving centuries-old heart mystery
Harvard researchers have used a new method to crack the heart’s weird spiral muscle.
MIT engineers 3D-print rubbery brain implants that don’t “stab” the brain
How do you engineer an implant that doesn't harm an organ as soft as tofu? MIT engineers 3D-printed new soft brain implants.
Future tech could 3D print objects inside your body
Direct sound printing could one day allow doctors to build medical implants inside patients’ bodies instead of surgically placing them.
Virginia launches world’s biggest 3D-printed housing project
Construction company Alquist 3D plans to build 200 3D-printed houses over the next 5 years through Project Virginia.
New surgery implants living, 3D-printed body parts
A 3D-printed outer ear made from the patient’s own cells has been implanted.
3D-printed artificial coral reefs could save coastal fish
A new method for designing and 3D printing custom artificial coral reefs could make them more accurate stand-ins for the natural kind.
Breakthrough artificial fingertip mimics our sense of touch 
A new artificial fingertip replicates humans' sense of touch by mimicking the microscopic anatomy of our fingertips.
Man builds his own bionic hand out of melted plastic bottles 
After creating a bionic hand for himself, Peruvian engineer Enzo Romero launched a company to sell the low-cost prosthetics to others.
These innovative projects are tackling homelessness around the world
It’s been estimated that at least 150 million people, which is about 2% of the world’s population, are homeless.
3D-printed prosthetic helps big bird beat cancer
After removing part of a great hornbill bird’s casque, Florida veterinarians replaced it with a 3D-printed prosthetic.
MIT’s new plant-based material could replace plastics 
Using cellulose from wood, MIT researchers have made a plant-based material tough as bone and hard as aluminum.
Is metal 3D printing ready for the factory floor?
Metal 3D printing could potentially cut the cost of manufacturing cars, consumer tech, and more — if it can scale.
Habitat for Humanity builds 3D-printed home in 28 hours
Habitat for Humanity has turned over the keys to its first 3D-printed home, which was built more quickly and cheaply than its typical houses.
UK man receives world’s first 3D-printed prosthetic eye
U.K. researchers have developed a 3D-printed prosthetic eye that’s more realistic and easier to produce than traditional ones.
ICON to build world’s largest community of 3D-printed houses
Startup ICON is building the world’s largest community of 3D-printed houses — a move that could help bring the homes to the mainstream.
3D printing gives lab-grown beef Wagyu marbling 
Japanese researchers have created a morsel of lab-grown beef with the distinct marbling of fat found in Wagyu steaks.
Researchers have 3D-printed an active tumor
Tel Aviv University researchers have 3D-printed an active glioblastoma tumor, potentially paving a way to better study the lethal brain cancer.
3D-printed nuclear reactor parts installed at US plant
An Alabama power plant is now using 3D-printed nuclear reactor parts, a milestone that could shape the future of nuclear energy.
NASA needs people to pretend they’re living on Mars
To prepare for a future in which astronauts are living on Mars, NASA is looking for people willing to live in a simulated Mars habitat.
This 3D-printed graft may improve ruptured eardrum surgery
Researchers at Harvard have developed a 3D-printed graft they hope will make ruptured eardrum surgeries safer, faster, and more effective.
Surgeons can now practice on a 3D-printed copy of your liver
A new technique for creating life-like 3D-printed livers based on individual patients’ scans could help surgeons be better prepared for operations.
Many amputees couldn’t afford a bionic arm — until now
Indian startup Makers Hive has developed a bionic arm that’s not only 90% cheaper than most, but also more functional.
Startup turns sawdust “ink” into 3D printed wood
Massachusetts startup Forust can make 3D printed wood with a natural-looking grain out of two wood waste products: sawdust and lignin.
The first 3D-printed house made with dirt
The world’s first 3D-printed house made from dirt is environmentally friendly and looks great.
AI reconstructs lost art painted over by Picasso
You can now buy a reconstructed piece of lost art discovered lurking beneath a famous Picasso painting.
New method for making 3D printed organs is 50 times faster
A new technique for making 3D printed organs uses hydrogels and light to print at speeds 50 times faster than conventional methods.
Building infrastructure on Mars is tricky — these bugs could help
Landing on Mars is just the beginning — to live there, we'll need to invent Martian concrete.
New 3D bioprinting technique creates bone with living cells
A new 3D bioprinting technique could let doctors print new bone containing living cells right inside a patient’s body.
3D-printed halo helps dog adjust to life without eyesight
The owner of a blind dog named Sienna used 3D printing to custom-build a device that would stop the diminutive Pomeranian from running into walls.
Doctors use AR surgery to implant 3D-printed eye socket
Doctors in Israel used a combination of AR surgery and 3D printing to repair a patient’s damaged eye socket quickly and efficiently.
TikTok users rally to help elite athlete with Parkinson’s
TikTok users are rallying to help elite athlete Jimmy Choi by designing a pill bottle that's easier to use when his hands shake due to Parkinson’s disease.
The next car you purchase could include 3D printed parts
Automakers are relying more heavily on 3D printing, and for drivers, that means more customization options.
This may be the 3D-printed submarine of the future
Using unique construction techniques, this 3D-printed submarine may set the pace for the building of large AUVs to come.
The latest step in manufacturing in space
Made In Space is sending a 3D printer to the ISS in hopes of providing proof-of-concept that microgravity is the place to build precision parts.
3D printed homes could soon be made out of dirt
By transforming soil into a construction material for 3D printed homes and other structures, researchers hope to slash concrete's environmental impact.
How to mass produce your own organs
Bioprinting could be the next frontier of personalized medicine.
A new way to promote bone healing, inspired by LEGO blocks
Drawing inspiration from LEGO blocks, researchers have created a new type of scaffold to facilitate better bone healing and soft tissue repair.
Scientists 3D print human tissue in space
A new bioprinter is proven to work in space. Researchers demonstrated they could 3D print human tissue cells on the International Space Station.
3D-printed vegan steak is heading to restaurants in 2020
Israeli startup Redefine Meat has announced the Alt-Steak, a plant-based vegan steak that it claims mimics the texture and taste of beef.
The world's first floating 3D printed house
A group in the Czech Republic is using a 3D printing robot to construct what it claims will be the world’s first floating 3D printed house.
Experts are 3D printing coronavirus supplies for hospitals
After an Italian firm 3D printed in-demand coronavirus supplies for a hospital, others in the community were inspired to offer their own help.
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3D printed homes for the homeless
In partnership with Stand Together
This 51-acre neighborhood for the homeless will be the first of its kind in the U.S. to have 3D printed homes.
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How 3D printing is revolutionizing heart surgery
When a young boy was facing a complicated and dangerous heart operation, his doctors created an exact model of his heart to plan the surgery. And it probably saved his life.
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Father makes 3D heart for daughter
When a father’s daughter was diagnosed with a heart disease, he set out to design an innovative 3D model of a heart that doctors could explore in virtual reality to save her life and thousands more.
Why this startup believes 3D printing in space will be a game changer
Sending things into space is really expensive. But what if we didn't have to? What if everything in space was made...