Elon Musk: Europe should revive nuclear energy
The Ukraine crisis has highlighted Europe's dependence on Russia for fossil fuels. Is more nuclear energy the solution?
First solar canal project is a win for water, energy, air and climate in California 
California’s aging power infrastructure has contributed to catastrophic wildfires and multiday outages. Solar canals can help.
Nuclear fusion: how excited should we be?
We know that fusion works – it is the process that powers the Sun, providing heat and light to the Earth. But can we do it ourselves?
First AI controls plasma inside fusion reactor 
DeepMind has co-developed an AI capable of controlling the super-hot plasma inside a tokamak fusion reactor.
Texas A&M grads use flare gas to mine $4M in Bitcoin 
Two college grads earned four million dollars by mining the cryptocurrency with specialized shipping containers that use flare gas.
MIT spinoff plans to drill 12 miles into Earth’s crust 
MIT spinoff Quaise Energy is building a drill that vaporizes rock so that we can tap into the geothermal energy miles below our feet.
Fusion reactor breaks 24-year-old nuclear record 
A new record set by the world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor is giving researchers confidence we’re on the path to usable fusion energy.
Why pumping water back into hydro dams beats batteries for renewable power 
The U.S. has thousands of reservoirs that could be paired for pumped hydro storage without the need for rivers.
Clean offshore charging buoys can save city air 
Shipping giant Maersk is building custom charging buoys that provide electricity to ships moored overnight. The first is set to launch this year at an offshore wind farm.
Toyota is building a “Lunar Cruiser” for Japan 
Toyota's pressurized moon rover, the “Lunar Cruiser,” could help astronauts live on the moon — and help us combat climate change on Earth.
These solar panels are thinner than a piece of paper 
Stanford University researchers announced they had achieved record efficiencies in a promising class of new materials for solar cells — which can be thinner than a piece of paper.
Earthships: The sustainable buildings made from trash
Interest in Earthships, a type of off-the-grid home built from old tires, is picking up as people look for ways to live more sustainably.
This battery may solve renewables’ energy storage problem
Flow batteries are a type of liquid battery that has the potential for large-scale, long-term energy storage. Researchers have found a new material for flow batteries and it looks a lot like molasses.
Batteries of the future could be made from trees
To improve battery life and safety, while maintaining ionic conductivity, researchers aim to replace the liquids commonly used in batteries with a solid material made from trees.
How buildings can adapt to the seasons
Scientists have invented an all-season smart-roof covering that keeps homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It uses a phase-shifting material that doesn’t require additional electricity.
These supergrids are uniting the world’s clean energy supplies 
Europe is creating a supergrid across regions, countries, and oceans to smooth out the fluctuations in energy suppliers — and hopefully build more resilient power systems.
There's a ton of wind power in the deep sea. Let's go get it.
The most powerful winds can be found over the deep, open ocean. Floating wind turbines could tap into this and 100x our wind energy.
NASA plans to put a nuclear reactor on the moon by 2031
NASA and the Department of Energy are asking U.S. companies for help putting a nuclear reactor on the moon by 2031.
Self-driving electric tractor startup to boost production eight-fold
California startup Monarch Tractor has raised $61 million to increase production of its self-driving electric tractor.
The science of climate change in 6 charts
Here's what the science says about climate change — and a few reasons to be optimistic.
Will battery recycling be ready when all these new EV batteries die?
The growing usage of lithium-ion batteries, particularly in vehicles, is outpacing the technology to recycle them. But researchers and innovators are scrambling to find an effective and eco-friendly battery recycling technique.
Metal-eating bacteria could clean up dirty mining sites
A unique metal-chomping microorganism ate through a nail in just three days. Now they might be tasked with an enormous mission: cleaning up mining waste.
Agrivoltaics let farmland serve double duty
Agrivoltaics combines farming with renewable energy, using the shade of solar panels to help plants thrive in a changing climate.
Electric cars could one day power your house – here’s how to make it happen
Electric cars could power millions of households by plugging their battery power back into the grid instead of being stored.
Are mini reactors the future of clean energy?
The U.K is giving Rolls-Royce nearly $300 million to develop small modular reactors (SMRs) to increase its supply of clean energy.
Nuclear fusion would change the world. Has its time arrived?
Energy startup Helion claims it will generate electricity from a nuclear fusion device by 2024 — a milestone that could transform the world.
Zero-emission natural gas power plants are coming to US, UK
Net Power has designed a new kind of natural gas power plant that can efficiently capture almost all of the carbon dioxide it generates.
Climate tech is booming — and this is better news than COP26
It’s estimated that 65% of emissions reductions can be achieved by existing technologies. The other 35% will need to come from tech breakthroughs.
Solar energy is about to get a whole lot cheaper
Bottlenecks in the production of silicon thwart solar panel manufacturing. Some companies are turning to perovskite instead.
Superchargers are no longer just for Teslas
Non-Tesla EVs can now use a select number of Tesla Superchargers — and the goal is to expand that access to the entire Supercharger network.
You can now buy a flying car for $92,000
More than 150 companies are developing flying cars. Here's why they're aren't yet off the ground and darting across city skies.
The world will electrify. This technology can power our sustainable future.
In partnership with Turntide
Attacking climate change requires reimagining our buildings and vehicles as intelligent systems. And it all starts with a smart motor.
Ex-SpaceX engineers bring Mars colony tech to Earth
Inspired by Mars colonization, engineers aim to replace diesel generators with nuclear microreactors
We could see planes fueled by captured CO2 in 2022
Dimensional Energy, a startup based in New York, plans to use this new environmentally friendly jet fuel to conduct flight tests by 2022.
Japan is restarting aging nuclear reactors after 10 years offline
Three of Japan’s nuclear reactors closed after the Fukushima disaster are restarting, a controversial move designed to reduce CO2 emissions.
New EV charging station quickly powers four vehicles at once
Swiss tech company ABB has unveiled a new EV charging station that can quickly power four vehicles at once.
Solar panel recycling: how companies will make it work
By recovering the high-value materials, solar panel recycling could become an economically viable option for aging panels.
These nuclear reactors can recycle radioactive waste
The future of the nuclear industry lies in developing cheaper and more nimble reactors.
China’s experimental thorium reactor is ready for testing
An experimental thorium reactor in China could greatly expand the number of people who can benefit from clean nuclear energy.
New 3D-printed batteries could change energy storage forever
A 3D-printing startup has created a solid state battery that "equals or betters" the performance of current lithium-ion batteries.
Can these mirrors give us solar power at night?
Concentrated solar power plants could help us achieve our clean energy goals, but it won't come cheap.
Twisty nuclear fusion reactor gets twice as hot as the sun
Physicists optimized a nuclear fusion reactor to overcome a problem that causes heat loss and prevents the device from sustaining fusion.
Don’t want to buy an e-bike? Subscribe to one.
German startup Dance's e-bike subscription service gives people a chance to enjoy the benefits of the bikes without the hassles.
Nuclear fusion experiment puts ignition within our grasp (Updated)
Scientists appear on the brink of achieving nuclear fusion ignition, bringing the dream of near-limitless clean energy closer to fruition.
3D-printed nuclear reactor parts installed at US plant
An Alabama power plant is now using 3D-printed nuclear reactor parts, a milestone that could shape the future of nuclear energy.
The world’s first sodium-ion battery for EVs has arrived
The world’s biggest battery maker for EVs is now manufacturing a sodium-ion battery that could help end the industry’s dependence on lithium.
Goodbye AC: This new roofing material keeps houses cool
A scientist has invented “cooling paper” — a material that reflects the sun's rays off rooftops and even absorbs heat from homes and buildings. And it is made from recyclable paper.
New kind of nuclear reactor to be built at retiring coal plant
TerraPower, a nuclear power startup founded by Bill Gates, has announced plans to build a new kind of nuclear reactor at a retiring coal plant.
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How mirrors could power the planet… and prevent wars
If adopted globally, concentrated solar power could make major waves in manufacturing, not to mention prevent wars over oil and mitigate climate change.
China’s “artificial sun” sets a new record for nuclear fusion
China’s nuclear fusion reactor, the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST), has set a new world record for temperature.
“Sewer heat” could help fight climate change
Denver plans to tap into the heat in sewer lines to generate clean energy.
Vertical EV battery may cut costs, improve range by 30%
U.K. startup Page-Roberts proposes using a vertical EV battery to improve a car’s efficiency and cut manufacturing costs.
New nuclear fusion test overcomes “exhaust problem”
The UK’s MAST Upgrade nuclear fusion experiment appears to have solved the “exhaust problem,” a major hurdle to harnessing fusion power on Earth.
Ford unveils its first electric pickup truck
Ford’s first electric truck, the F-150 Lightning, has the potential to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles in the U.S.
New solid-state lithium battery can be recharged 10,000 times
Harvard University researchers have developed a solid-state lithium battery they believe could allow electric vehicles to last 10 to 15 years.
World's largest tidal energy turbine will prove its worth
Orbital Marine Power successfully launched a tidal turbine that will soon become one of the world's most powerful tidal energy sources.
Human hair makes perovskite solar cells more efficient
Perovskite solar cells featuring a layer of carbon nanodots made from human hair were more efficient and stable than those without the dots.
Artificial photosynthesis machine improves itself over time
An artificial photosynthesis device that gets more efficient with time could finally allow us to harness solar energy for uses beyond electricity.
An explosive lake becomes a source of power
Lake Kivu in central Africa is on the verge of exploding. To prevent disaster, Rwanda is using the lake as a source of energy.
A battery revolution could make electric cars a reality for everyone
We'll need a new type of battery to make electric cars cheaper and convenient.
Solar panels in space could beam continuous energy back to earth
Capturing the sun's boundless light in space could revolutionize how we distribute energy around the world.
This mass-produced solar car costs just $25,900
The Aptera solar car is expected to hit roads in 2021, but even if it's not the next big thing in transportation, its design elements could be.
A new device can use your body heat to increase battery life
Researchers have developed a low-cost wearable device that can turn body heat into energy — improving battery life for your essential devices.
Fuel tests to begin for world’s largest fusion reactor
At the JET nuclear fusion reactor, scientists are testing a fuel that could power a $25 billion nuclear fusion device.
Massive green hydrogen projects are underway
Large-scale ventures are a big step toward testing whether we can create a marketplace for green hydrogen in a way that makes economic sense.
Electricity and chemistry could give biofuels a big boost
Scientists found an easier way to produce a chemical reaction important in making biofuels, possibly lowering the cost of biofuel production.
Biofuel rocket launch is a first in aerospace
Startup bluShift has successfully launched a biofuel rocket, proving that biofuels could be the future of more sustainable spaceflight.
New scooter battery can charge in 5 minutes. Can it transform electric cars?
StoreDot's battery fully charges in just five minutes, and it can be manufactured on the same production lines as today's EV batteries.
Wind turbine blades are a growing waste problem
Using decommissioned wind turbine blades to build bridges, buildings, and more could eliminate one of the biggest disadvantages of wind energy.
Geothermal energy is on the verge of a big breakthrough
Geothermal energy may be the key to bringing reliable, clean energy to the world.
Transparent solar windows could be coming soon
Solar power is abundant, but the dark panels pose a design problem. A new generation of transparent solar panels could make house-powering windows and phone screens a reality.
Brewery is world’s first factory fueled by iron powder
A Dutch brewery is using iron powder to generate clean energy, marking the first industrial use of iron fuel.
2 new nuclear plant prototypes are getting government funding
The Department of Energy is putting millions behind two new nuclear plant prototypes.
Radioactive diamond batteries keep going and going
These nuclear diamond batteries could provide an endless source of energy.
Nuclear fusion machine turns on for the first time
A new spherical tokamak in the U.K. could overcome one of the biggest hurdles to nuclear fusion power: the “exhaust problem”
New nuclear fuel could replace uranium in reactors
Nuclear power could become more accessible thanks to a new nuclear fuel called ANEEL that combines thorium with uranium.
Passenger plane powered by hydrogen fuel makes maiden flight
California’s ZeroAvia has flown the first “commercial-grade” plane powered by hydrogen fuel, potentially foreshadowing the sustainable future of air travel.
Nuclear fusion gets closer to reality with this new reactor
Nuclear fusion just took a step forward thanks to a new, compact reactor from MIT.
Mini nuclear reactors take big step forward in the US
NuScale Power’s small modular reactors generate less energy than full-sized nuclear reactors, but they might also be cheaper and safer.
New solar cells could be a breakthrough in clean energy
Better solar cells are an objectively good thing. Two new breakthroughs may help us harness more light, more cost effectively.
This carbon-negative dream house ships in a box
A startup described as the “IKEA of houses” is determined to make beautifully-designed, energy efficient homes affordable for everyone.
Space plane experiment could lead to 24/7 solar power
The next time the U.S. Air Force’s X-37B space plane launches, it’ll be carrying an experimental solar panel that could revolutionize clean energy.
A new approach to green building could reverse climate change
The building sector is one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions. But new research suggests that trend could stop, and even reverse because of a new type of green building.
24/7 solar power is on the horizon
Researchers at the Air Force Research Laboratory are planning new solar power tech that collects energy in outer space and laser-beams it back to Earth.
Open-sourcing the blueprints for a nuclear power plant
The Energy Impact Center has open-sourced nuclear power plant blueprints in an attempt to encourage the adoption of eco-friendly nuclear energy.
Can the maritime industry go green? Washington ferries show us how
Washington ferries will soon make the switch from diesel to batteries, becoming the world’s largest hybrid-powered, car-carrying ferries.
Powering the most remote areas on earth
With off-grid solar power systems, this company is building sustainable communities in remote areas, providing a source of renewable energy and clean water.
Carbon capture technology explained
Cutting-edge carbon capture technology is bringing the world’s top scientists and engineers one step closer to solving the climate change puzzle.
Powering the world with nuclear
Transatomic believes they've figured out a safe, scalable, cost-effective way to power the world with nuclear.