Ghost kitchens are saving restaurants during the pandemic
Ghost kitchens are thriving during the pandemic, as more restaurants rely on online delivery orders for their income.
Can genetic engineering stop the fall armyworm invasion?
The fall armyworm is devastating African agriculture, eating millions of pounds of crops. Can a genetically modified version control their advance?
Truffle pomme fondue sound tasty? Visit this fine-dining drive-thru.
The Resy Drive-Thru could help the restaurant industry survive the pandemic by serving as a creative new revenue stream for fine-dining chefs.
This edible sensor can alert you of food contamination
A microneedle patch made of silk changes color if it senses food contamination or spoilage, making it easier to know when food’s gone bad.
This massive farm robot is helping secure the future of food
A massive farm robot is analyzing crops in Arizona, helping identify ones that could grow in hotter climates to help secure the future of food.
This genetically modified cow could transform beef production
Cosmo the bull calf has an extra SRY gene, which makes him more likely to sire male cows — and also makes him a strong candidate for use as a GMO food.
“Community fridges” are helping fight food insecurity
Community fridges stocked with donated food that’s free for the taking are helping neighborhoods across the U.S. overcome food insecurity.
3D-printed vegan steak is heading to restaurants in 2020
Israeli startup Redefine Meat has announced the Alt-Steak, a plant-based vegan steak that it claims mimics the texture and taste of beef.
Fertilizer feeds half the world. Can we make it without fossil fuels?
Fertilizer is needed to feed the world, but its production comes with a carbon footprint. This solar-powered strategy may reduce that.
Healthy fast food start up takes on the McDonald’s empire
This LA-based business wants to radically alter the fast food industry by selling healthy fast food at the same low cost as competitors like McDonald’s.
Chefs fight child hunger with No Kid Hungry
A group of culinary professionals in Chicago is volunteering their talents to end child hunger in the US, and some are going all the way to Capitol Hill.
Floating farm takes sustainable agriculture to the next level
Inspired by the food shortages witnessed in New York City following Hurricane Sandy, this husband and wife team came up with the idea for a sustainable farm that floats on the sea.
The world's first floating dairy farm
In the search for more sustainable methods of global food production, one couple in the Netherlands is taking an unconventional approach: they have become the operators of the world's first and only floating dairy farm.
Inside the world of gourmet lab meat
A future of eating meat without ethical or environmental implications is more real than ever before. But will people eat it food grown in a lab?
Clean meat: A new protein is making its way onto the chef's table
Clean meat is becoming a more widely known, and much loved food category. But do you expect to see it on your gourmet plate any time soon? These chefs think yes.
It’s time to embrace the frankenfish
Would you eat fish that was genetically designed in a lab? What if it was your only option? Like it or not, GMO salmon and other futuristic foods are revolutionizing the global food system right in front of our eyes.
The first GMO salmon is coming to a store near you
After a 30-year struggle, Atlantic salmon modified with a growth hormone gene from Chinook salmon has been approved by the FDA. Its producers say it solves problems related to climate change, ocean pollution, and food scarcity. Skeptics call it playing god. Both call it the Frankenfish.
This woman is on a mission to turn beer into food
Jacquie Berglund is using the profits from her beer company to buy organic produce from local farmers and distribute the produce to food banks in the area.
These pioneers are building the sustainable food systems of tomorrow
In a new Freethink original series, Michael O'Shea goes around the world to introduce us to the scientists who are working hard to ensure that we can feed our future world.
A look inside farms of the future
With a growing population, changing consumption behavior and a climate crisis, how will we feed our future world?...
How NASA’s space food lab will feed the farthest journey in history
These food scientists are making it possible for us to explore space in ways we haven’t yet as a species.
“Cybersecurity for plants” can stop germs from hacking our food supply
Computer hackers exploit flaws in code to access systems and take what they want; plant diseases work the same way.
New tech makes fresh produce last twice as long
The plant-based preservative could radically change the game on food waste.
Did the food pyramid make us fat?
To address rising health problems in the 1980s, scientists and policymakers developed the US Food Pyramid to...
We’re all gonna starve!
A revolution in food production turned predictions of a population bomb into a worldwide boom.
What to expect in a post-meat future
From advanced plant-based meat alternatives to real meat grown in a lab, the days of eating meat from once-living...
Could ugly produce change the world?
Meet the startup that wants to sell you ugly fruits and veggies