Watch: Figure’s humanoid robot just learned something new
Robotics startup Figure AI just shared a video showing its humanoid robot completing a fully autonomous “real world task.”
AI startup Magic is building a “superhuman software engineer”
Magic AI is developing an advanced AI software engineer it sees as a milestone along the path to artificial general intelligence (AGI).
AI startup Rabbit’s R1 device sells out in 24 hours
Tech startup Rabbit has unveiled R1, an AI-powered consumer device designed to free you from app overload.
Cappella’s AI translates baby cries to help sleep-deprived parents
The startup Cappella has developed an app that translates baby cries and informs parents what is wrong alongside helpful suggestions.
NASA’s last “Great Observatory” could be coming out of retirement
A startup’s audacious plan to revive NASA’s retired Spitzer Space Telescope just secured a $250,000 Space Force contract.
SpaceX to launch first commercial space station in 2025
The world’s first commercial space station could reach orbit as soon as 2025 as part of a deal between SpaceX and space startup Vast.
Watch a startup drop science experiments from 2,000 feet up
To help scientists conduct microgravity experiments, UK startup Gravitilab has developed a drone that drops them from high above the Earth.
Is this secretive device the “iPhone killer”?
Thanks to a leaked video from a TED presentation, we now have our first glimpse at secretive startup Humane’s wearable tech.
Space could be a trillion dollar industry by 2040
Now that falling launch costs are making space more accessible, hundreds of groups are looking for ways to make money off-world.
Chinese space startup makes history with first rocket launch
Chinese rocket startup Space Pioneer successfully reached orbit on its first try, something no private company has done before.
These 3D-printed batteries could be the future of clean energy
Silicon Valley startup Sakuu has developed a 3D-printing platform that it says can mass produce solid-state batteries, in any shape and size
World’s largest electric cargo plane can carry up to 400 pounds
The Pelican is an autonomous electric cargo plane capable of transporting 400 pounds of cargo 200 miles in less than three hours.
This company turns food waste and mushrooms into building materials
UK-based company Biohm uses natural vegetative material like food waste and mushrooms to ‘grow’ insulation panels.
Australia’s first rocket set to launch in 2023
Gilmour Space expects to launch its first rocket in 2023, which will add Australia to the short list of nations to send rockets to space.
This amphibious electric tricycle (and camper) costs $14,600 
Latvian startup BeTRITON’s amphibious electric tricycle will take you from the road to the water to the campsite.
First-of-its-kind rocket engine nears first flight test
To build the world’s first fully reusable rocket, startup Stoke Space is completely reimagining what a rocket engine should look like.
You could soon get a piece of $700 million Liquid Death
Canned water startup Liquid Death, now valued at $700 million, is considering going public in the next two years.
Inventions that are fighting the rise of facial recognition technology
Combating the rise of facial-recognition technology, designers have created clothing and accessories to help to conceal people's identities.
This simple kit turns your regular bike into an e-bike in minutes
The Rubbee X is a simple e-bike conversion kit that could help get more people out of gas-powered cars and onto climate-friendly bicycles.
Startup that created Elon Musk’s foldable house opens a new factory
Elon Musk has confirmed he owns a foldable house made by Boxabl, a startup hoping its manufactured homes can help end the housing shortage.
Ukrainian startup expects to fly “self-devouring” rocket in 2022 
Ukrainian startup Promin Aerospace is developing a “self-devouring” rocket built from a material that its engine can burn as fuel.
Space Force backs 125 teams to take down orbital debris
The US Space Force is giving 125 teams up to $250,000 each to develop tech to deal with the orbital debris circling our planet.
First commercial mission to the ISS prepares for launch
Private astronauts will have a chance to conduct microgravity research on the International Space Station during Axiom Space’s Ax-1 mission.
ICON to build world’s largest community of 3D-printed houses
Startup ICON is building the world’s largest community of 3D-printed houses — a move that could help bring the homes to the mainstream.
New thruster tech that vaporizes metal could help clean up space
Hypernova Space Technologies’ metal-fueled propulsion system for small satellites could be a game-changer for space exploration.
Magic Leap is back with a new AR headset
Augmented reality startup Magic Leap plans to release a new AR headset in 2022 using a recently raised $500 million in funding.
Europe backs “space factory” set for 2022 launch
UK startup Space Forge is developing a space factory designed to make “microgravity on demand” a reality for researchers and manufacturers.
An at-home test to find your best birth control option
Seattle-based startup adyn is developing an at-home testing kit to help women find their best birth control method.
Can tech rentals solve the problem of electronic waste?
To combat the problem of electronic waste, German startup Grover is now selling Americans subscriptions to laptops, phones, and other tech.
A startup is stuffing teddy bears with recycled cigarette butts
Indian startup CODE Effort has developed a process for recycling cigarette butts, the world’s most littered objects.
Space manufacturing startup plans to build first off-world factory
Space manufacturing startup Varda Space Industries has raised enough money to bring its dream of building the first space factory to fruition.
The startup turning human ashes into diamonds
By turning ashes into diamonds, Eterneva is creating a new way to carry the memory of our loved ones with us long after their death.
Honda startup equips shoes with vibrating navigation system
A Honda-established startup is developing a vibrating navigation system that helps visually impaired people get around by vibrating their feet to relay directions.
New kind of nuclear reactor to be built at retiring coal plant
TerraPower, a nuclear power startup founded by Bill Gates, has announced plans to build a new kind of nuclear reactor at a retiring coal plant.
Can a 40-seat drone bus get off the ground?
Startup Kelekona is developing an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle capable of carrying 40 passengers at once.
Vertical EV battery may cut costs, improve range by 30%
U.K. startup Page-Roberts proposes using a vertical EV battery to improve a car’s efficiency and cut manufacturing costs.
New pregnancy test made from paper is flushable, biodegradable
A team of women has developed a flushable, biodegradable pregnancy test, which is finally available to...
How renegade museum tours became a multimillion dollar business
In partnership with Million Stories
Museum Hack is reimagining museum tours as we know them, by delivering storylines about art, culture, and history in a way that’s interactive — and highly entertaining.
Microfarm startup brings fresh produce to food desert
California startup Crop Swap LA has planted a “microfarm” in an LA resident’s front yard and is now distributing the crops throughout the local community.
10-minute grocery delivery service to debut in U.S.
German grocery delivery startup Gorillas, which delivers orders within 10 minutes, is bringing its ultra-fast operation to the U.S.
DIY toothpaste maker’s journey to $12 million in sales
In partnership with Million Stories
A surprising solution to the plastic pandemic is rising in popularity — zero-waste toothpaste tablets.
Cultured meat is now available for home delivery
People in Singapore are the first in the world to have the option of having meals made from cultured meat delivered directly to their homes.
Digital price tags auto-discount groceries to avoid food waste
A startup called Wasteless uses dynamic pricing and electronic shelf labels to help minimize food waste at grocery stores.
This startup’s goal is to be the “Henry Ford of space”
The startup Phantom Space is using other manufacturers’ parts to build its rockets, rather than developing them in-house like most space companies.
App helps families know what to do when someone dies
The Empathy app is designed to help grieving families know what to do when someone dies and then actually guide them through the tasks, step by step.
An easy-to-repair modular laptop is launching this summer
Framework has announced a new modular laptop that’s easy to repair and upgrade, which could make it last twice as long as the average laptop.
How this founder built a billion-dollar ethical egg business
In partnership with Conscious Capitalism
Vital Farms has created a company culture that focuses on the welfare of all stakeholders – even the ones laying the eggs.
This ice cream is made from lab-grown vegan milk
Disappointed by available milk alternatives, the startup Perfect Day developed lab-grown vegan milk that’s molecularly identical to the kind from cows.
Diy factory turns plastic waste into super-strong bricks
Kenyan startup Gjenge Makers turns plastic waste into plastic bricks that are stronger, lighter, and cheaper than their concrete counterparts.
New program offers $400,000 in science startup funding
The newly announced Sci-Founder Fellowship program is offering $400,000 in science startup funding to up to eight teams of early-career scientists.
How to use conscious capitalism to fight for a cause
In partnership with Conscious Capitalism
While many people associate capitalism with hardline profit chasing, building a brand in today's marketplace is often most successful when it's purpose-driven.
Who matters more: Employees or customers?
In partnership with Conscious Capitalism
The old saying goes: the customer is always right. But Matt Altman, CEO of Sportiqe Apparel, thinks that’s just one piece of the puzzle.
A lesson on empathy from a people-first CEO
In partnership with Conscious Capitalism
In an increasingly competitive corporate world that so often prioritizes profits over people, one CEO is flipping the script and calling attention to the importance of empathy in the workplace.
Cultured meat gets first greenlight for sale
In a world’s first, Singapore has approved the sale of cultured meat, a major win for the meat alternatives industry.
New data visualization tool lets scientists “walk” inside cells
A new data visualization tool called vLUME recreates tiny objects like cells and neurons in a virtual world, allowing scientists to then explore them in VR.
Passenger plane powered by hydrogen fuel makes maiden flight
California’s ZeroAvia has flown the first “commercial-grade” plane powered by hydrogen fuel, potentially foreshadowing the sustainable future of air travel.
Disrupting the business of dying
Ever Loved is modernizing the funeral planning process with an all-in-one platform akin to “The Knot” for weddings, so that people can focus on honoring their loved ones.
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Online eye exams will change the way we buy glasses
In partnership with Stand Together
The FDA recently lifted restrictions against an online eye exam provider to help optometrists reach their patients during the pandemic. Will vision care go virtual for good?
Air Jordan designer’s lessons for startups
While there have been an array of challenges for startups during COVID-19, Jason Mayden is preparing for long-term success in a post-pandemic world.
This carbon-negative dream house ships in a box
A startup described as the “IKEA of houses” is determined to make beautifully-designed, energy efficient homes affordable for everyone.
How a prison sentence inspired a father & daughter tech startup
A father-daughter pair learned to code while the dad was in prison. Now, their startup is helping other prisoners connect with their kids.
Healthy fast food start up takes on the McDonald’s empire
This LA-based business wants to radically alter the fast food industry by selling healthy fast food at the same low cost as competitors like McDonald’s.
This pen makes hand washing fun for kids
SoaPen makes hand washing much less of a hassle, and it could have an enormous impact in helping prevent future pandemics.
Can green light therapy cure chronic pain?
Scientists are finding that exposure to the color green, also known as green light therapy, could provide natural chronic pain relief.
Silicon Valley fixes broken ventilators for coronavirus patients
Silicon Valley-based Bloom Energy has refurbished hundreds of ventilators for coronavirus patients in just a few weeks — and it shows no signs of slowing down.
Y Combinator startups turn resources toward coronavirus
More than 25 Y Combinator startups have joined the COVID-19 response effort — find out how you can help these businesses fighting the coronavirus.
The key to good teamwork
The coronavirus pandemic is forcing more teams to figure out how to collaborate while working from home. This team-building tool helps people with different communication styles get on the same page.
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3D printed homes for the homeless
In partnership with Stand Together
This 51-acre neighborhood for the homeless will be the first of its kind in the U.S. to have 3D printed homes.
Powering the most remote areas on earth
With off-grid solar power systems, this company is building sustainable communities in remote areas, providing a source of renewable energy and clean water.
Conversations with refugees
Aline Sara is changing the conversation around what it means to be a refugee by talking — literally. Through her...
Rock climbers help refugees in america
This nonprofit is teaching refugees in America how to rock climb - helping displaced children better face new challenges and transition to life in the U.S.
Nature is good for you. What about VR nature?
Nature has the power to reduce stress and enhance our moods. Can VR nature experiences be a substitute for physically spending time in the outdoors?
VR trips help treat depression in the elderly
In the U.S., about six million people over the age of 65 experience late life depression. So one organization is providing virtual reality excursions for seniors to help them experience life to the fullest.
Disrupting the fear of failure
Failure is a universal experience, yet the stigma attached to it undermines our ability to talk about it openly and honestly. One provocatively named organization, F*ckup Nights, is hoping to turn the tide.
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Meet your future caretaker: BUDDY the companion robot
Meet BUDDY, an advanced robot designed with an expressive face and gentle voice. With human-like emotions and different moods, BUDDY has the ability to care for the elderly and his human companions.
Women are finally reinventing the speculum
The vaginal speculum was invented by a man, and hasn’t been redesigned in almost 200 years. This group of women is making it more user-friendly for all.
Futuristic Copenhagen architecture builds on water
The innovators of Copenhagen architecture are pioneering new solutions to urban living challenges, from floating parks to man-made islands.
Copenhagen turns trash into ski slopes
Humans throw away 3.5 million tons of waste every day. Copenhagen is taking waste management to new heights (literally) to deal with trash from residents, making it the sustainable city of the future.
Life jackets are used to create jewelry, opportunity for refugees
Hordes of bright orange lifejackets are strewn across the rocky beaches of the Greek island of Lesbos. Discarded...
A language goes extinct every two weeks. here’s a plan to save them.
Volunteers worldwide are documenting the world's rarest languages in a project called Wikitongues.
The sustainable city of the future: Copenhagen, Denmark
By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas (up from 50% now). With the climate crisis worsening, how can we support this urban trend in a sustainable way?
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Can former Bloods and Crips unite to break the cycle of violence?
In partnership with Stand Together
For the children of Dallas, these ex gang leaders may be their only chance.
Prosthetics as fashion: designers transform prosthetic leg covers into wearable art
Alleles is a premier boutique where amputees can be fitted for fashionable limb covers that make their prosthetic limbs stylish and eye-catching. These designers hope their fashions will help reduce the stigma that comes with prosthetics.
Dad builds amusement park for daughter
This dad couldn’t find a theme park that worked for his daughter with special needs - so he built one.
The world's first floating dairy farm
In the search for more sustainable methods of global food production, one couple in the Netherlands is taking an unconventional approach: they have become the operators of the world's first and only floating dairy farm.
This woman is on a mission to turn beer into food
Jacquie Berglund is using the profits from her beer company to buy organic produce from local farmers and distribute the produce to food banks in the area.
Giving homeless people something most of us take for granted
This one small thing can mean the difference between a spot in a shelter or sleeping on the streets, a job or no job, a place to eat or going without food.
Can people with autism help create next-generation AI?
Daivergent is a new startup that hires people with autism to train artificial intelligence - and helps them start independent careers.
A quiet revolution in trucking
In partnership with SAP
She’s a veteran, a single mom, and a trucker, who used to have to wait around for hours for her cargo. Now, a revolutionary solution from SAP and Uber Freight is getting her back on the road and home to her son sooner.
Who will save your parent’s life story?
When her dad had Alzheimer’s, this journalist wrote his life story to help his caregivers understand him. Now, she’d doing the same for hundreds more.
This former wall street felon is helping ex-cons find jobs
Doing prison time changed this Wall Street trader’s life. Now he’s helping others get jobs after prison - and stay out for good.
How San Francisco residents saved local businesses
An indie book store went from struggling to thriving with a new business model. Is it the future of retail?
Breaking abuse victims’ financial handcuffs
This amazing organization is doing whatever it takes to help domestic violence victims survive on their own.
Introducing Freethink
We’re reimagining media for a generation that’s changing the world.
Five insights: Linc Gasking on what every startup should be shooting for
Linc Gasking, co-founder of VR startup 8i, discusses the day-to-day grind and big picture excitement of being an...
Meet the startup creating incredible virtual realities
8i takes video and converts it into virtual realities that are nearly indistinguishable from real life.