Psychedelic drugs and the law: What’s next?
The push to legalize magic mushrooms, MDMA, LSD, and other hallucinogens is likely to heighten tensions between state and federal law.
Does caffeine harm your decision-making?
A small study showed caffeine lessens decision-making. While preliminary, it raises questions about caffeine affects our "higher" cognitive functions.
Professor Giles Yeo on making sense of anti-obesity drugs
Anti-obesity drugs have been in the news, and for good reason; they seem to work. Giles Yeo talks us through some misconceptions at play.
A new hydrogel offers the hope of ending daily injections for diabetes
Type-2 diabetes often involves an intense and exhausting treatment burden, with many injections over many days. That might be set to change.
Australia’s 30-year quest to unlock an ancient painkiller
A crocodile attack led to a 30-year partnership to develop a painkiller based on the Nyikina Mangala people's traditional knowledge.
Bad trips: Study examines the long-term adverse effects of psychedelic drugs
New research suggests that some users face long-term difficulties following psychedelic use, including emotional and social challenges.
The psychedelic DMT causes the brain to become hyperconnected, scans reveal
Researchers gave 20 healthy subjects potent, intravenous doses of the psychedelic DMT and observed their brains. Here's what they found.
“I’ve been here before”: DMT study explores a strange memory phenomenon
DMT can induce a sense of profound familiarity, making users feel as if they have entered an alternate reality they have visited before.
New clinical trial is testing a ketamine skin cream for PTSD
A topical ketamine treatment designed to alleviate the symptoms of PTSD without causing hallucinations has entered clinical trials.
New nasal spray aimed at reversing fentanyl overdoses is now approved
A new overdose-reversing spray that works fast but lasts longer has been approved by the FDA, and will be available by the fall at earliest.
Rapamycin: The unlucky history of the most powerful anti-aging drug
When rapamycin research was revived, it was found to have both anti-cancer and anti-aging properties. Here's what researchers say today.
LSD flashbacks and a psychedelic disorder that can last forever
LSD flashbacks have been studied for decades, though scientists still aren't quite sure why some people experience them.
DMT appears effective for depression up to six months later
Small Pharma has announced the results of a six-month follow-up for their phase 2a trial of DMT for depression.
Narcan is now available over-the-counter in the US
Naloxone administered by nasal spray can be a lifesaving drug with minimal side effects. It's now approved for over-the-counter use in the U.S.
Psychedelics open a new window on the mechanisms of perception
Some neuroscientists think psychedelics and the hallucinations they induce could help reveal how we generate our perceptions of the world.
The science of habits
Whether you’re trying to break a bad habit or start a good one, psychologists have some tips to get you started.
New fentanyl vaccine could help avoid relapses and overdoses
An in-development fentanyl vaccine that prevents the drug from entering the brain could one day help people avoid relapsing or overdosing.
Biden pardons federal cannabis possession cases, urges states to do the same
The Biden administration is pardoning federal possession offenses, encouraging states to do the same, and reexamining its drug scheduling.
Are near-death experiences just psychedelic trips? 
One possible explanation of near death experiences is that our brains are flooded with a hallucinogenic, DMT.
Meth addiction treatments are finally on the horizon
New antibody and drug therapies may soon help treat meth patients, who currently have no pharmacological interventions.
San Francisco decriminalizes plant-based psychedelics 
San Francisco joins Oakland, Santa Cruz, DC, and Denver in decriminalizing some psychedelics.
Microdosing’s benefits may be powered by belief 
A small, double-blind, placebo-controlled study has found evidence that expectations may be behind microdosing’s beneficial effects.
The Biden administration is preparing for legal psychedelics within two years 
The Biden administration’s Department of Health and Human Services has sent a memo supportive of psychedelic therapies. What does that mean for the field?
Your genes may impact psychedelic experiences 
UNC researchers have found evidence that the genetic makeup of a crucial receptor may impact your psychedelic experience.
What your weed label really means 
Through the largest analysis of commercial cannabis flower yet, Colorado researchers have found that the current labeling system falls short.
Archaeologists identify contents of ancient Mayan drug containers 
Archaeologists used new methods to identify contents of Mayan drug containers, discovering a non-tobacco plant.
The first FDA-approved clinical trial of psilocin has begun 
“This has never been done before,” says Filament’s CEO.
Psychedelic research returns to Veterans Affairs 
After decades, the Department of Veterans Affairs is once again investigating psychedelic therapies.
A new delivery method for drugs that can’t withstand stomach acid
In order for a drug to get to the small intestine, it must first get past the highly acidic environment of the stomach.
Yale study of DMT for depression is encouraging 
Yale researchers have conducted a small study finding DMT is safe and tolerable enough for more research.
Magic mushrooms evolved to scramble insect brains, send them on wild, scary trips 
Researchers discovered that the way fungi independently gained the ability to produce psilocybin is because of horizontal gene transfer.
New drug combo is “a paradigm shift” in preventing asthma attacks
The combination of a rescue medication and a corticosteroid, taken as needed, reduced both short and long-term risk of asthma attacks.
How we treat inflammation may be causing chronic pain
Reversing common belief, researchers at McGill say treating inflammation may be causing chronic pain, not preventing it.
‘Mad honey’: The rare hallucinogen from the mountains of Nepal 
On the mountainsides of Nepal and Turkey, bees sometimes produce a strange and dangerous concoction: mad honey.
AI maps psychedelic “trip” experiences to regions of the brain – opening new route to psychiatric treatments 
To better understand how these effects manifest in the brain, we analyzed over 6,000 written testimonials of hallucinogenic experiences.
How the antidepressant Prozac could treat blindness
Prozac is a widely used antidepressant. Data indicates that the drug could be used to prevent blindness due to macular degeneration.
90% of drugs fail clinical trials – here’s one way researchers can select better drug candidates
It’s disappointing when the years of effort and resources spent to push a drug candidate to patients so often lead to failure.
Opioid overdose: A bioethicist explains why restricting supply may not be the right solution
Since the unpredictability of drug supply increases overdose risk, making the drug supply predictable should be part of the solution, right?
Horseshoe crabs are drained for their blue blood. That practice will soon be over.
One of humanity’s strangest and most macabre activities is slowly coming to an end, a trend that every horseshoe crab should celebrate.
Harm reduction vending machines are coming to New York 
New York City has announced a pilot program installing public health vending machines with overdose drugs and clean needles.
Ketamine therapy may help former drinkers stay abstinent 
A new study has found evidence that ketamine, combined with therapy, can help people with alcohol addiction abstain longer.
Morning glories may be a source of new psychedelics and medicines 
Researchers have found that the symbiotic relationship between a fungus and a morning glory holds the potential for new psychedelic compounds and medicines.
Traditional Thai cannabis cooking is back on the menu 
Cannabis cooking has long simmered in Thailand. With the ruling junta’s new drug policies, the traditional dish is now making its way onto restaurant plates.
Should psychedelics be patented
The issue of patents has riven the psychedelic field. A lawyer’s repository of psychedelic info may make sure the new field stays fair.
The DMT ‘elves’ people meet while tripping 
Why do so many people encounter these 'elves' after smoking large doses of DMT?
Frontline healthcare workers are going to receive psilocybin therapy 
University of Washington researchers are enrolling healthcare workers now in a psilocybin-assisted therapy study.
This device can automatically detect and reverse opioid overdoses
Researchers at the University of Washington have developed an AI-powered wearable to detect, and reverse via naloxone injection, opioid overdoses.
Psychedelics can change how you think about the universe
A new study finds that a single trip on a psychedelic can cause lasting changes in a person's metaphysical beliefs.
Psilocybin treatment relieves depression in largest trial yet  
The largest psilocybin treatment trial to date suggests that the psychedelic drug can help people with treatment-resistant depression.
Rhode Island will be the first state to open safe drug consumption sites
In an important test of drug harm reduction techniques, Rhode Island is set to become the first state to open safe consumption sites.
Trial of opioid vaccine launches in US
An opioid vaccine that prevents people with opioid use disorder from feeling “high” when they take oxycodone is moving to human trials.
Yale study: magic mushrooms may grow connections between brain cells
A single dose of psilocybin caused increased growth in neuron-connecting dendritic spines in mice.
Is DMT the best new treatment for depression?
Psychedelic therapy could bring the ancient healing powers of drugs like DMT into mental health clinics.
Pharma giant GSK embraces digital twins for vaccine development
Pharma leviathan GlaxoSmithKline is rolling out digital twins to help create “the vaccine factory of the future.”
Low doses of nitrous oxide may treat depression
A new, small study has found that low doses of nitrous oxide — laughing gas — can treat symptoms of depression.
A small dose of an ibogaine-like drug cures stress in mice
A novel drug designed like ibogaine but without the ibogaine trip or toxicity has corrected the effects of stress in mice.
Ketamine infusion: What it's like and how it works 
Ketamine infusion therapy takes the anesthetic from dance floors to depression clinics. But how does the drug work, and what is it like?
MDMA for PTSD just crushed its phase 3 trial
Results from the first phase 3 trial of using MDMA for PTSD along with talk therapy found the drug to be effective.
Phase 2 trial finds psychedelic works as well as common drug 
A small study has provided evidence of psilocybin for depression working as well as a popular SSRI.
Fireside Project is a support line for your bad trip
Fireside Project is a nonprofit that is providing a support line for your challenging psychedelic experiences — read: bad trip.
"Complex" and "exciting": Researchers study the use of CBD for pain
In a small study, researchers at Syracuse found that both thinking you’re getting CBD for pain and the drug increase pain tolerance.
How long are you too high to drive? The science is fuzzy.
Some drug driving laws outlaw any amount of THC. To create better laws, researchers are trying to find out how long cannabis intoxication itself lasts.
Can CBD be the next superbug slayer?
In the search for new weapons against superbugs, CBD and antibiotics in combination, as well as CBD alone, may prove to be promising candidates.
NYU is launching a center for psychedelic medicine
NYU’s Center for Psychedelic Medicine will serve as the nexus for the school’s psychedelic research, as well as provide training to budding researchers.
First-of-its-kind pilot study uses MDMA for alcohol addiction
A small, first-of-its-kind study has piloted the use of MDMA for alcohol addiction therapy.
Oral ketamine treatment reduced suicidal thoughts: Pilot study
A new, small study in Australia suggests that oral ketamine treatment may help treat suicidal thoughts.
Friendly little mice are helping us understand the effects of LSD 
Researchers at McGill have discovered the mechanisms behind the sociable effects of LSD in mice.
Mount Sinai is opening a psychedelic research center
A pacesetting institution, the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is opening a psychedelic research center focusing on MDMA and trauma.
Smart vape pen claims to solve the cannabis dosing problem
To solve the cannabis dosing problem, the MODE smart vape vibrates when a person should stop inhaling and again when they should exhale.
Tweaked psychedelic drug could treat addiction, depression 
A modified ibogaine molecule could be a safer and more accessible treatment for addiction and depression than the psychedelic drug in its natural state.
MDMA couples therapy could help couples dealing with PTSD
A small study out of Canada investigated the potential of using MDMA-assisted couples therapy to treat PTSD.
Microdosing mushrooms: Explained
Microdosing mushrooms — taking doses of psilocybin too small to cause a trip to enhance daily life — is gaining momentum. But does science support it?
CBD does not impair driving, study finds
A new study has demonstrated that CBD is safe for driving, while the effects of THC last only a few hours. This work could inform cannabis use laws.
Psilocybin therapy appears to dramatically reduce depression 
Psilocybin therapy — a combination of traditional therapy and supervised “trips” on the magic mushroom compound — shows promise as a depression treatment.
MDMA therapy and the promise of psychedelics
Despite years of work with a "stellar" therapist, Charlotte needed more. She turned to MDMA therapy.
Scientists can induce out-of-body experiences without drugs
The human brain is a powerful and mysterious place, and researchers have just gotten closer to understanding another important phenomenon taking place inside dissociative experiences.
“Candy flipping” — mixing MDMA and LSD — is hitting the lab
A clinical trial of mixing LSD and MDMA, known as “candy flipping,” wants to see if molly can take a trip’s edge off and make LSD therapy more effective.
Microdosing LSD may provide pain relief 
Since the 1960s, LSD has been seen as a potential painkiller. Now, new research suggests microdosing LSD may indeed provide relief.
Scientists want to study your at-home psychedelic mushroom experiences
Scientists are looking for people planning to trip on psychedelic mushrooms for a new study focused on people’s “real-world” experiences with psilocybin.
App brings psychedelic-assisted therapy into your home
The Field Trip app aims to help people get some of the benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapy outside the confines of a clinic.
One ayahuasca experience could have lasting effects on the brain
Researchers believe just one ayahuasca experience may be enough to have a lasting effect on the brain.
Afghan farmers use solar panels to grow food — and opium
Farmers in Afghanistan are taking advantage of cheap solar panels to power the water pumps they use to irrigate crops for food and opium production.
Microdosing marijuana can relieve chronic pain
Microdosing marijuana can relieve chronic pain without impairing a person’s ability to think clearly, according to a new study.
Psychedelic toad venom explained
5-MeO-DMT, a psychedelic found in toad venom, causes mushroom-intense trips that are over quick. Could it have more accessible therapeutic potential?
MDMA has long-lasting benefits as a PTSD treatment 
The benefits of MDMA therapy as a PTSD treatment appear to last for at least a year, according to a newly published paper.
Psilocybin may impact your ego center
You’ve heard about “ego death” on magic mushrooms. New research suggests psilocybin curbs part of the brain that may tie in to ego.
Ketamine discovery may lead to new antidepressants
Researchers have uncovered new insights into how ketamine affects the brain, potentially illuminating the path to new antidepressants.
This company is using beer yeast to make psilocybin
Brewing the magic in Psilocybe cubensis is difficult at scale. One Danish company thinks beer yeast may be the answer.
Are social media giants censoring life saving drug research?
The first casualty of war is truth, and that applies to the war on drugs. Some are fighting back with harm reduction and drug education, yet they’re facing opposition from an unexpected source.
CBD slows growth of brain cancer cells in a Petri dish
The cannabis compound CBD can slow the growth of brain cancer cells, but it’s a long way from a new cancer treatment.
An LSD trip “off-switch” may be coming soon
Pharmaceutical startup MindMed is developing tech it believes could serve as an “off switch” for an LSD trip during therapy sessions.
Could VR change how you trip on ketamine? 
Virtual reality meets ketamine therapy to help treat pain, anxiety, and depression, to name a few.
The case for love-enhancing drugs
Drugs don’t just affect the user; they shape relationships too. And a pair of bioethicists thinks we should consider them for relationship enhancement.
Safe injection sites are legal, US court rules
A U.S. judge has ruled that safe injection sites, places where users can consume drugs under medical supervision, don’t violate federal drug laws.
Algorithm clears thousands of marijuana convictions in just one minute
With this new system that identifies candidates for criminal record clearance and even auto-fills forms, offenders don’t even need to apply.
I use ketamine for depression – here’s how it works
Commonly known as a party drug, ketamine’s powerful effects on the brain have led doctors to further explore its medical potential. Now, the animal anesthetic is providing relief and hope for people with severe depression.
Intro to LSD
LSD, also known as acid, is a synthetic chemical that causes hallucinations, synesthesia, and sometimes, distress - the dreaded “bad trip.”
MDMA effects, risks, and rewards explained
MDMA, also known as Molly or Ecstasy, is a synthetic psychoactive drug. MDMA effects include enhanced pleasure and a heightened sense of touch and sound.